• Vintage baby dolls + 1970s

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    My Vintage Doll Collection From the 1960s and 1970s

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    Dolls 1970s baby Vintage +

    She does own one of my handmade crocheted outfits babyy and red. However, those dolls were fortunate to have never visited the same barber as my little Thumbelina. Hasbro eventually expanded their line with "The Best of the West" collection. I was the first of my friends to own the camper, eventually, one or two of my other friends also got a camper. We never thought once about keeping them safe in a box somewhere so we could make a profit off of them one day by selling them on eBay, etc.

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    She dlols a pretty little white dress which was trimmed in pink, and there was a big, blue Vinatge dog on the front of her dress. She is all vinyl, definitely not a cuddly doll, but I did love her so. She was the daughter of Johnny West. Yes - we definitely played with our toys. My dad also tried fixing her leg by wiring it together, that held up a little longer.

    Velvet, in her photo here, is wearing her original dress. I named Vitage Angel, and I really loved this dolps. Let me just say that Velvet was very lucky that her hair could be easily changed from long to short - that way - she did not have to visit that awful barber. You can find a host of different vintage dolls and lots of information including: I did find her on the internet. I have had no luck finding this doll on my internet searches.

    abby I eventually got a Ken doll and a Skipper doll - so now my collection was complete. What About You Do you still have your childhood dolls? They owned a dressing case, a few extra outfits, a camper and a POOL!!! As the sand slowly empties back into the bottom part of her body, she leans to the side and eventually lies down on her side and closes her eyes. Sometimes, our brothers would join us with their GI-Joe dolls. A few years after my wetting doll, Mattel released models that talked, kissed and hugged.

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