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    Longmont man ticketed in crash with motorcycle funeral escort

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    We know how to control traffic and keep your funeral guest safe on the road. Especially when inconsiderate drivers cut in and Motorcjcle of the procession or just drive through the procession because they are in a hurry to get somewhere. Eric Lewis said that Jonathan Ponce, 26, has been ticketed for one count of careless driving resulting in injury. Online court records indicate Ponce has a prior conviction for DUI as well as numerous traffic convictions. He said in that case, the procession was on Coffman Street and making a left turn onto Eighth Avenue. This is why no matter what size of funeral your are having or the amount of miles you are driving it is safest for everyone to hire a motorcade escort.

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    Our bikes are all purchased brand esccort along with all of our patrol vehicles to perform motorcade escort, funeral motorcade and control traffic duties. Funeral practices vary greatly between different funral, cultures and religions. You may have seen a motorcade escort pass by if you funetal seen a procession of cars following each other along with motorcycles guiding traffic around them. It is a very personal time that is tailored to reflect the wishes of both the deceased and their surviving loved ones. Longmont man ticketed in crash with motorcycle funeral escort By John Bear Posted: Actions like this are not only a violation of the law, but disrespectful, and could cause accidents.

    We realize that each of these services is vastly different but the ultimate goal is traffic control and traffic safety. Police have not publicly identified the year-old motorcycle rider, but Lewis said the man remains hospitalized in serious but stable condition.

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    A motorcade is a procession of vehicles. Windshield Funeral Procession stickers are used to label vehicles who is a part of the funeral runeral. Our funeral motorcade is professionally done from start to finish allowing our clients a worry free day for the transportation portion of the day. The crash has been under investigation since March 16, when police said a funeral procession coming through Longmont on its way to Berthoud came to a stop at Ninth Avenue in between Emery Street and Collyer Street.

    Even the shortest distance funeral procession needs a motorcade to add visibility and give a warning to motorist that otherwise funerap not have Mororcycle them. One of the ways that many people choose to do this is with the use of Motorcycle Escorts for a funeral procession. The funeral procession to the cemetery can be dangerous. Unfortunately sometimes we have dealt with motorist that may be in a hurry and failed to see the funeral procession or other that just intentionally do not adhere to giving the motorcade the right of way!

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