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    The silly that preserves is of a man who found most women utterly racy — but hsving treated them well. And same standard, the bombshell bit traveled to Van for money Another Workforce, Another Place, a Hotel melodrama where Turner adventures as an Undercover journalist alongside ten-years-her-junior Sean Connery, who bears a war were.

    Bet she kept that proclamation on her mantle. Yucking it up with Jimmy Stewart on the set of 's "Ziegfeld Girl. Turner and Sinatra — she gave him something to sing about. She beats a statue any day. Everything looks fine, front and back. A lady's lipstick should always match her dress, n'est-ce pas? A youthful Bob Stack teaching Lana how to play soldier.

    Was it his commentary that institutions found so prevalent. On her as long, p. The Sub, the Legend, the University.

    Melancholy, or tjrner love? She dated dozens of men in between, and the rumor was gurner she, like that goody-two-shoes Grace Kelly, truly loved sex. Bythe trouble Turner caused at MGM had begun to outweigh her value, and the swx opted not to renew her contract. Of course, Turner denied that she and Stompanato were involved. Stomps-a-lot were constantly fighting, apparently because she refused to take him to the upcoming Academy Awards. According to later testimony, Stompanato threaten to cut, disfigure, and maim Turner. He collapsed, Crane fled to her room, and Turner called her mother, who called the police.

    A shit-storm obviously ensued. The weeks to come featured a series of accusations and denials: On several occasions he also threatened to murder close members of her family.

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    It was April 4, and the two started quarreling loudly. Next thing you know, Cheryl grabs a knife and steps in to protect her mom. She stabbed and killed Stompanato. Or so the story goes. There were rumors that perhaps it was Lana who carried the homicide. Both of them were cleared of charges however, as the court ruled the homicide was justifiable. On her seventh and final marriage to Ronald Dantea nightclub hypnotistquoted in interview with Bryant Grumbel The third day, I knew it was over. But I tried to make it last for three months. The truth is, sex doesn't mean that much to me now. It never did, really.

    It was romance I wanted, kisses and candlelight, that sort of thing. I never did dig sex very much. Quoted in Lifevol. The following quotes are extracted from Turner's autobiography, Lana: The Lady, the Legend, the Truth When I awoke in the morning, my mother and Julia Hislop were whispering in a corner. They didn't have to tell me why. I already knew that my father was dead. And when the feeling of peace wore off, the surprise at having known intensified my sense of loss and sorrow. Although I was only nine, I could imagine what death meant.

    I Lan he was gone forever. On the death of her father, p. Wex thing about happiness is that it doesnt help you to grow; only unhappiness does that. The broads — they swarmed all over him. A sweet-talker even then, he found he could have pretty much any girl he wanted. Was it his confidence that women found so appealing? Today, 18 years on from my original rurner of Sinatra — who would have been this December — I have filled in a great many of the missing gaps about his legendary womanising. The portrait that emerges is of a man who found beautiful women utterly irresistible — but seldom treated them well.

    Within two weeks of starting his affair with Lana Turner, Sinatra was so enamoured that he asked his wife for a divorce. Two weeks after starting the affair with Turner, pictured, Sinatra asked his wife Nancy for a divorce Easy, he said. No one at MGM, she said, would be the least bit taken aback by her having a romance with any man, married or otherwise. As soon as she walked into his new love nest, she took one look around and said: He whisked her to the Beverly Hills Hotel, where he rented a pricey bungalow. Later, he rounded on his publicist for threatening his lover.

    But there was nothing Evans could do: Sinatra insisted on a public announcement that he was separating from his wife. Not for the last time, Nancy packed his bags, threw them out on the front lawn and vowed never to give him a divorce. Once the announcement had been made, Sinatra joined Lana at a house she owned in Palm Springs. That weekend, they danced at the Chi Chi Club and seemed not to care about the stares and whispers.

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