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    A maze is made from every nth or wine. Galore screams and ass big toys are very sexual, yet each partner varies with its predecessor and would. Vaginal speculums Unseen decorations have one, two, or three things.

    Anal Very long speculum thin

    A speculum is made from stainless steel or plastic. Metal devices are reusable. Plastic ones are disposable. Vaginal speculums Vaginal speculums have one, two, or three blades.

    The doctor inserts the speculum into the vagina and Vwry up the blades, which exposes the specilum of the vagina and cervix. Vaginal speculums come in different speculuum. Which one of the following speculum types your doctor chooses depends on your age and the length and width of your vagina. Pediatric speculum Gynecologists use this shorter version of the speculum to examine the vagina in infants and children. Huffman speculum This long, thin speculum is narrower than a regular speculum. Its blades are narrower than those of a regular adult speculum, but larger than the blades of a Huffman speculum.

    Graves speculum The Graves speculum has the widest blades of any speculum. Gynecologists use it to examine adult women. It comes in a larger size for those with an especially long vagina.

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    Anal speculum An anoscope is a tube-shaped instrument that widens the opening of the anus. Doctors use it to diagnose diseases of the anus and rectum. Ear speculum This funnel-shaped device lets your doctor examine your eardrum and ear canal. Nasal speculum This two-bladed instrument is inserted into the nostrils. Hirschman is the entire unit is inserted, then the "plunger" portion called an obturator is pulled out and now you can see all the way to Uranus! Cusco Speculum The stainless steel Cusco Speculum is yet another of our great collection of vaginal specula!

    It is very unique since it can actually be folded for storage, which was it's ingenious inventor's design, making it easier for the Doctor to fit it in his bag when he made house calls oh, remember those?? The Cusco Specula are still used in Europe for gynecological and obstetrics, but those of us in the medical fetish scene love it for it's unique design and as a great collectible! Asking to many questions, like, "What are you going to do? They are the smallest of our specula collection, made of stainless steel with a single handed squeeze to open and spring loaded back to close securely!

    They work great on nipples, penis, labia or any other imaginative locations for all sorts of sensations! They're such a great deal Obviously, Nurse Ivy is not fooled by Nurse Victoria's feeble attempt of acting like she doesn't want her speculum exam! Annie Sprinkle has a cervix self inspection "How-To" on her website. If you'd like to read all about it, just click here! She highly recommends the plastic disposable speculum for multi-partner play scenes! Devilbiss Speculum Originally, Dr.

    Allen DeVilbiss invented the first atomizer in the late s, but his company also invented and developed other healthcare devices, where this "side-loading" speculum was invented. Also seen depicted as a Miller Speculum, it was used for gynecological vaginal inspection, however, kinky medical fetishists love it for anal play, as well, because it is so multi-adjustable! The blades can be opened up to 3. The blades are 4 inches long and overall length is 7. Made of high quality polished steel. Bound to be a favorite!

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