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    Leonard Whiting's nude scene in 'Romeo & Juliet' (1968)

    The venture final speech of the Navy together with the special between the heads of the two components are not expressed. She expected that Zeffirelli shot it more.

    I've never had a problem showing the film anywhere I've taught, but I think Kristi does have a point, too. December 2, at I teach at a Catholic school and if a teacher were to show nudity to students, especially teenage nudity, we would be fired immediately. Not sure how teenage nudity with "special permission" is any different from child pornography. December 6, at 8: They are conservative and would likely not allow it. A Catholic school would probably not have as great an issue with it, though you would know better than I do since you teach at one.

    It feels very fresh, very authentic.

    It was especially attractive. Hussey and Why were paired off from the snowy.

    Also, with Zeffirelli shooting on location [in Italy] adds another layer of authenticity. John Barrymore, then 54, played Mercutio. Much more believable was the British version starring Laurence Harvey, then in his late 20s, and a year-old newcomer named Susan Shantell who never made another movie. But the Zefferelli film, noted Malone, captured the zeitgeist of the late s.

    Leonard scene Romeo whiting nude

    I listened to it so much as a teenager I can still recite a lot of the balcony love scene. I also have the sheet music and even a edition of a short-lived magazine called Eye, with the two on the cover. Another reason why Romeo and Juliet, which also featured Michael York and John McEnery, captured the imagination of moviegoers worldwide, is that Zeffirelli made the daring choice of casting age-appropriate actors for his leads. There was a British adaptation with Laurence Harvey and and an actress named Susan Shentall, who was 20 when the film was released. In an e-mail interview, Whiting recalled he had to audition with lads his age for the role.

    Likewise, in the final scene Juliet wakes almost at the same time as Romeo drinks his poison, which makes for an even more heartrending episode than the one in the play where he is already dead when she comes to her senses.

    Whitkng, speaking of the death scene in the movie, it should be noted that ''Isoldes Liebestod'' from Wagner's Bude and Isolde is a wrong musical choice. The music itself is sublime, of course, but the similarity between the two couples is very superficial. Isolde does sing over Tristan's dead body, but she is transfigured by visions of her lover alive. She doesn't think of suicide at all. Juliet does, and in her final words there is nothing that suggests hallucinations.

    On several occasions even whole scenes are deleted and whole characters are altered in comparison with Shakespeare. It would be too much to say that any of these instances is an improvement over the play, but nor is any of them detrimental. I don't know why Baz Luhrmann decided to cut Juliet's charmingly ironic submission to the old Capulet as well as the bustle and hustle around her marriage with Paris that makes such an engaging contrast with the discovery of her ''death''. Both scenes would have looked really fine on the screen, yet none is really a major loss. The character of Lady Capulet, on the other hand, has been transformed into a hysterical creature that bears little resemblance to her stage precursor.

    But this is a splendid source of farcical relief in an otherwise rather violent story. At age 16, Hussey stripped down for a love scene depicting her wedding night alongside her co-star Leonard Whiting [Romeo], who was also 16 when he took on the role. Despite being visibly topless in the epic drama, Hussey said she felt at ease on set. In America, it was very taboo. But in Europe a lot of the films had nudity. Nobody really thought much of it. But it was just the fact that I was 16 that got a lot of publicity… The large crew we worked with was whittled down to only the very basic people, a handful of people.

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