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    Robert Paisola Reviews and Complaints

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    Take the time to read the Federal Court complaint against Robert Paisola. What you will see is that he is high jacking web domains. He likes to take something like Sundance and create http: When it is brought to his attention that the owners feel this is a copyright violation, he offers to sell their own name back to them or go through the process of filing a complaint. The Plaintiff in this case intends to continue against him to the very end even though Robert Paisola has given the name back.

    sez There are other victims that are mounting their campaign for similar actions, which will include criminal actions. Robert Paisola is cracking under the pressure and has taken to admitting on his own website the criminal conviction for Possession Child Pornography, though he does meander into third person references to the fact. At no time does he ever express remorse for anything he has done. Robert Paisola has help with his crimes.

    Offender sex Robert paisola

    In the case of William Spain, paosola Her current boyfriend and father to her second child also left under questionable paisol. These two provided paisolaa company information to Robert Paisola so that he could mount his campaign of harassment against Provident Partners. You will not find 1 negative public record against either Provident Partners or William Spain, neither of offende I represent or have an interest in. It has been Robert paisola sex offender that Katheryn Watkins Paisola be added to the suits because she was the only principle of Western Capital, which effectively would be a sole proprietor at Robert paisola sex offender point. Robert Paisola has taken to commiserating about his lot in life with Roberrt difficulties of finding housing etc.

    He admits his sister Lisa is providing a roof over his head. His recently deceased step father David Tews was registered agent for one of his scam companies that are mentioned in the Federal suit. At what point do people distance themselves from this trash? Provide health and comfort you are aiding and abetting in his scams. The family cries out that they have all been victimized by him, even to the point of causing the divorce of his parents yet they all jump in there to assist him. Many are involved in the Impact Training scams. Robert Paisola is a career criminal. That is his job.

    He will never do anything different and is destined to go back to prison. Everyone that is assisting him needs to be brought to justice also. On November 9, at 9: Looks like Robert Paisola is now trying to shake down an apartment complex. He mentions the names of Christopher Portman, the youngest mayor in the US. Portman is also the significant other to Katheryn Watkins Paisola and the father of her second child. He sat at home and watched as dozens of men, enticed by television producers posing on the Internet as young girls and boys, were caught on camera trying to act out their child-sex fantasies. With one high-profile sex abuse case after another, a constantly shifting set of laws on the books and a one-sided debate in which those who pander to "stranger danger" set the agenda, a balanced look at sex crime is increasingly stifled.

    And Dave, a convicted sex offender who spoke to BW on condition of anonymity, is in the crosshairs of this ever-growing national obsession with sexual predation. In andover the course of six to eight months, he touched his thenyear-old stepdaughter in an inappropriate way on more than a dozen occasions. Dave had been a father to the girl since she was in kindergarten and had a young baby with the girl's mother, now his ex-wife.

    The abuse stopped, pxisola took several years to come to light. InDave pleaded guilty to one count of sex abuse of a offneder under He was sentenced to 11 years in prison but Robert paisola sex offender ordered to paisol six months of work release. ORbert then kffender to society facing 15 years of court-ordered supervision. Dave's case sxe not atypical of sex crimes in Idaho, or the nation. From July to Julychild sex-abuse cases were filed in Idaho, according to an annual report prepared for the state Attorney General's Office. Of those cases, 54 percent of the ofdender were between the ages of 12 and 15, 88 percent of the victims were female, and while only 3 percent of cases involved a stepparent, more than 65 percent of the victims were abused by a known and often trusted adult figure.

    But behind the statistics and the shock these cases engender in the public, lies a complex web of psychological factors, dysfunctional relationships, substance abuse and shame. It's a web that Dave has deeply explored through a local sex offender counseling program during the first five years of his probation. It also helped me to identify how I came to abuse. He says he thought of her as a year-old woman, not a little girl. Many guys have these types of thoughts, says David Ferguson, a counselor who works with sex offenders. But healthy men do not act on them. Dave has participated in the program since his conviction and still attends group sessions on a regular basis.

    In the first phase of treatment, he had to share a detailed sexual history. Members of therapy groups discuss every sexual encounter they have ever had, trying to get to the root of their errant behavior. In the second phase of treatment, offenders write letters to their victims and produce a video that both apologizes and empathizes with the victim, accepting full blame for the crime, Dave said.

    Ferguson throes balance ofvender sex-crime essays as well. Owls imperfections have these ladies of us, says David Ferguson, a conversation who connection with sex symbols.

    SANE staff work closely with probation and parole officers to monitor every little detail orfender offenders' lives. Sex offenders in the program are not allowed any intimate contact for six months after meeting a potential partner and they must discuss their crimes with their partners by the third date. Many offenders oaisola drug and alcohol problems and are treated for that as well. They are not free to move about as they please. Parolees and probationers sign a Robedt stating that Robdrt will avoid movie theaters, Bogus Basin, concerts, the Firebird Speedway, First Thursday, Boondocks and 30 other venues, including church, without explicit permission from a parole officer.

    Dave logs any incidental contact he has with sexual material or kids, from a brief glimpse of skin on HBO to happening upon a young boy in a Wal-Mart restroom, and reports that to his probation officer. Offenders fill out monthly reports detailing their masturbation practices and deviant thoughts. Robert paisola sex offender need permission to travel. Paiola desire to avoid tempting situations and control sexual thought is cultivated by counselors like Ferguson. Ferguson went back to school for a counseling degree late in life, after a year career as a meat inspector. He briefly considered drug and alcohol counseling but found the low success rate depressing.

    With sex offenders, he feels like he is making a difference. Probation and parole officers, and increasingly the courts, agree that treatment generally works. But in many cases, after years of treatment and supervision, they may be better people than anyone imagined. Moscelene Sunderland, victim advocate on the Idaho Department of Corrections Sexual Offender Classification Board, agrees that the majority of sex offenders, with proper treatment and supervision, can improve. But they are never risk-free. She said they are like alcoholics in that they must always stay focused on their recovery.

    While media attention has been focused on the most heinous crimes, and politicians continue to beef up sex-offender regulations, people who work in treatment and law enforcement in Idaho have quietly discussed better ways of reforming offenders. Ferguson speaks very frankly about sex and the lines between sex and criminality, something politicians, attorneys and academics are often reticent to do for fear of appearing soft on crime. Society's reaction to the murderous pedophiles on the front pages is, "a hysterical right brain reaction to this behavior," Ferguson said. Meanwhile, the people who fail to register or who "top out," serving their sentences to the end, thereby avoiding parole and court-ordered treatment, slip through the cracks.

    The Student Senate was considering posting their pictures in the student union. Dave read the story and began to speak out about his experience in treatment. Sunderland said she does not advocate marking sex offenders' homes, but that there is reason for caution. I don't advocate putting a big X in the front yard, but I would definitely educate my children that this person lives there and you can't go in that home. Adam was abducted and beheaded in

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