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    If this sounds interesting, then this is probably something for you. And, at the right time, with the right partner, it can a lot of fun and can bring you closer. But in the bedroom, between consenting partnersthis is where you have a little fun with rough sex. Of course, you should always use common sense. In spite of your good intentions, the rough sex can trigger flashbacks and bad memories. That being said, rough sex can be very enjoyable for all involved. Why Women Like Rough Sex There is a widespread perception that women are delicate flowers and the fairer sex, so the idea that they would tolerate or inflict — let alone want to initiate or even ask for — rough sex seems far gone.

    Truth be told, women are into sex a lot more than men realize. Simple women with simple lives are a lot more rare than they used to be, so men would be wise to take this as a heads-up. If they were slaying Wall Street while wearing leather and downing shots between stock trades, men might not be so surprised when these types of women want it rough. A woman wrote to me on my AskApril.

    We like kinky sex, but he's never been one to take charge or to be rough or anything like that. I was even disappointed he wasn't more remale with me…. Why Men Like Rough Sex Men love rough sex because it gives them a chance to express their dominant selves in a sexual way. They basically have permission to be aggressive and intense — feelings that they normally rein in. And they get pleasure out of watching their partners become Bdsm rough play female femmale the rough, sexual exchange. She has to be one or the other — and the man has to choose which she is so that he can know whether to treat her as one or the other, as fe,ale Bdsm rough play female bad.

    Following this simple construct brings psychological rokgh social comfort. So, when she suggests rough sex, or he rougu it and ;lay agrees femle have it, femwle construct and plau comfort the construct brings, is overturned. All bets are off. The intimacy that the bond created by rough sex creates between a man and his partner is more than just a sexual connection. Having rough sex can be just a hot romp between the sheets, but it also serves as a validation for male feelings of self and the layered and complex feelings about a partner, and women, in general. Ask For It If she brings it up first, then you can skip this step.

    Instead, consider bringing it up next time the two of you talk about sex, or watch a suggestive film with some hot rough sex scenes in it, then ask her how she feels about the idea. Let her know it turned you on and see how she reacts. This will get the conversation going. And, even if you get a good reaction, make sure she actually wants to do this, too. If she's not into it, you'll have to accept that. Discuss A Safe Word That being said, if she is into it, you'll need to agree on a safe word before engaging in any rough sex. A safe word is a word, which when spoken, means "stop everything. Without a safe word, rough sex could be rape. Talk about it beforehand, agree on a safe word and stop as soon as you hear it.

    Loosen Up It can be useful to get comfortable beforehand and loosen up a bit. She may be the natural who gets your juices flowing. Sometimes it takes her getting dominant as your catalyst to become even more dominant than she is. Anyone with a streak of dominance in their personality can really let go and let it roll here. Tear her bra and panties off. You get the idea! This can be inspiring and a lot of fun.

    Many tampon analyses may shy away from Bdam stuff in be but there are some that typically genie the Fifty Shades of Fish type stuff. Plot her on the bed, on the cupid. Tear her bra and hippos off.

    Pulling on her hair is sensual and it can be a show of force. Couple pulling her hair with some other sexual maneuver. The more conservative the girl, the wilder she has the potential to be. Women enjoy sex just as much as men do, but society necessarily tells them to bottle up their desires because they- truly- do have so much more to lose than men if they act irresponsibly. Think about the consequences for a fifteen year old girl if she gets pregnant, as opposed to what happens to the dude. Her life is pretty much over for twenty years, whereas he just has another bill in the mail. That said, once she feels safe with you and feels that she is in a safe environment you always use protection, and you make her feel good about herself she is free to explore.

    All you have to do is take her hand and lead her. From a sexual standpoint, they evolved that way.

    Women rpugh about sex just like men do- but just as much as you think about wanting to grab her, push into her, dominate her, all that… she fantasizes about having all that done to her. But Western men are taught to hold back. Leaving women very, very frustrated! Because- especially as the submissive gender- they do not want to have to tell you what to do. They want you to just know, and to just do it. Which is why they go nuts for silly books like 50 Shades and Twilight, and every variation in between. But you need a few ideas. What exactly does she want me to do? Women love public sex.

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    Want to go further? Try throwing her around. Throw her femaoe the bed, on the sofa. Watch her neck, you know, but literally: She might also like being tied up, yelled at, spanked, whipped, or even chained. The experience can be profoundly cathartic as well as arousing. Just hold her, and say sweet things.

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