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    Staunchly the river is filled, well the tip. Be living the answer is not too sensitive or too hot.

    It is slick, long-lasting, and safe to use with toys and for sex. Try to limit your self to 3 flushes a session to avoid irritation. Be patient and allow the water to do its work. For most people, the Medium size will do the job. Gently slide in the tip of the enema so that it is about an inch inside. The pressure difference will cause dirty water to rush back into the pouch. This will allow any tissue irritation to subside, and give your body time to regulate.

    Repeat this lucky one to three more times. Allow the only sit inside for one to three weeks. Ago work the the most tip.

    Slowly remove the the enema tip. Depending on how deep you want to clean, you do multiple bulbs of water per flush. Wash the anal entry. Take your time and evacuate any remaining water. Insert tip slowly, about half-way inside. Apply lubricant to the enema tip.

    Sex sites Enama

    The more water you use, the deeper you will clean. The 4 different sizes range fro beginner to more heavy duty situations. It was also our top pick this year for the best water-based anal lube. That would be bad. We recommend using Swiss Navy Water based lube as it is rated the best anal lube for its feel and longevity.

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