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    It wasn't so much that Emma was now out and proud that concerned me, it was that she was out on the gay scene lesbiann, to quote Queer as Folk, was evidently "doing it - really doing it". For her, it has been a joyfully uncomplicated journey from fumbling under the duvet with a friend to hitting the lesbian scene and having the kind of sex I only dreamed of at her age. Having sex too early can be traumatic, especially if they lack the kind of support their straight peers are offered.

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    He has received calls from young lesbians who say they feel "totally out of their depth" with their sexuality tsen sex lives: So does she too veer from one sexual conquest to another? No angst, wondering if she is wrong, or weird, or just plain confused. By entering your nickname and pressing connect, you agree to be at least 16 years of age. He's 17 and he's asked me for sex but there's too much to lose. Emma put me in touch with her ex, year-old Lucy, who is now living with a foster family in Manchester.

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    I lock the door Groupp tell my mum we're revising. She tells me Groip her last girlfriend - a year-old MySpace date - took her to a music festival, smoked a spliff Grooup realised she was straight. Since then I've had three girlfriends but now everyone knows I'm gay I hope I'll get more! Lesley O'Brien is a youth worker who runs a Portsmouth lesbian, gay and bisexual group and the club night U4ria for young gay people. For all my anxieties about Emma doing too much, too young - sleeping around when she should be studying, and forging the kind of passionate passing relationships with girls that are destined to end in tears - I can't help feeling that she is lucky.

    She'll never have to go on awkward dates with gangly pubescent boys.

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