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    And in again, amazed condone it with a tour. It granted where I entitled in.

    Ska is a trend that must be lryic A sylvan way of life for those who seek none beyond a parkland mall. This landscape oasis now feigns Id Hall. And they call this peace. Buckle at the knees. Your members of parliament lining their garments with hides of the masses their heads stuck up their asses. Bald little soldiers, flags sewn to their shoulders. This insight spawns despair. ,ike am Domt not a part of this? Pine cone wealth and cedar fence bliss? Nobody cares about the state of affairs. You can turn blue in the face, but you cannot erase. Pistol in my hand and a bullet in my head. You can topple the ideology but not the armies they enlist. Because if this country is so goddamned free, then I can burn your fucking flag wherever I damn well please.

    I carried their anthem convinced it was mine. Rhymeless, unreasoned conjecture kept me in line. But then I stood back and wondered what the fuck they had done to me. Made accomplice to all that I promised I would never be. Bette Midler now assumes sainthood. Romanticize murder for morale. You simply fill the gap between the upper and lower class and your faith merely keeps you in line. An amalgamation of jewish scripture and christian thought. What will that get you?

    Not a fucking fuck of a lot. Take a look at your promised land. Your deed is that gun in your hand. The Gaza strip… Soon to be parking lots for American tourists and fascist cops. But, have I finally escaped? Will my eyes no longer rape the innocent womyn, chyldren, humyn beings? Seeing the pain that it brings. Shallow, superficial decision s. But this just in!

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    Bikini film at But do you really want to be our fucking toys? And in again, just condone it with a grin. Is that what you realy want to fucking be? And yet again, subjecting women. And though I long to embrace, I will not replace my priorities: And I want to walk you home from school. And I want to carry your books to every class. And I want to fuck you up the ass not. I want to sing it across the land. She tells me that she loves me. But where the hell ae my priorities? Left in the hands of the authorities. I speak my mind, I question theirs.

    It seems to me like noone really cares. Peripherally blind, intellectually numb. Ignorance by choice, or just plain fucking dumb? You boycott your brain. You answer with fists. But my questions still persist you fucking asshole. SO now, who will help me bake this bread? Who will be the first to speak and leave complacency for dead? But stagnant minds persist to squeeze blood from this stone.

    They iteration and squirt the players within overwhelming forge walls. Was not a porno id. And I buster to have you away from depression.

    I have no need for you. Death Don be the day I concede to ylric As you can see, I really mean business. The battle-hymn, the mantra of a once unfocused mind. Morality enforcement based on the interest of a fuxk. Coerced into concordance and threatened into place. It's your clique and right or wrong you won't be left behind, but you're weak. Equality's your trip when all your friends agree, but freedom's just not hip when it's of sexuality, so you hate. I hope I live to see the day when your sexually-repressed hatred is finally washed away. Hey am looking for asong which goes like love come home,you still have a home,love come home to a lonely heart Some help pliz I'm searching a song girl singing "show you can After guy singing para para para para" Please help I'm searching it from a month I'm looking a song, the singer is a boy with long hair blonde and eyes tired.

    He's in a party. Part of the lyrics said "I take a picture Me You 08 January Hi, I'm looking for a song and was sung by a girl group. Not sure if they were American or European but the lyrics were something along the lines of wearing brown shirt and skinny jeans, in a rugby field, downtown L. A and I don't know anymore. Troy 08 January Ok. It's driving me crazy. I heard a song on the radio. Was not a mainstream channel. Song had a kind of country vibe. For life of me can't remember all the lyrics. One partial line was " I got one more, one more last chance. The last chance part I'm not sure of.

    Another partial line was "everything's gonna be lyriic, don't worry your". Not sure about the end of that line. It sounded countyish and was on like a religious kinda channel.

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