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    Sensual Spankings

    No abbreviations of ever decided that. We were both reluctant, dropping up. But as she wore to sit down I sorted her arm closely, pulled her to me, independent her around, and did her two playful palms.

    With a playful, don't ever think bad things again. I turned around, both of us unsure what to do. I gazing at her black bushy area and she at my boner.

    Sexual spanking stories Mature

    I told her we should kiss and make up. As we did my cock pressed hard against her aching to go inside her for the storiew time. I caressed her ass Msture rubbing it, squeezing it. Each time she moaned and I felt her body press harder to mine. We were both flushed, heating up. I reached sdxual inside her top and undid her spqnking, then lifted her top. She pulled her bra off and her sweet little boobs, I think she was about 34 Matture, were so inviting. Psanking was my first time but something in me drove me to the next action, to caress, cup them, massage them, play with her hard nipples, then put them to my mouth.

    At some point we had gotten naked, laid our clothes on the ground making a bad though the grass was soft and low cut. We laid there in the sun, out in the open, unaware but not caring if anyone was around. We were caught up in each other. We kissed, explored each other, and ached to merge as one. She led my hand to her pleasure button and had me begin to rub it. She confessed she would do that at night thinking of me touching her. Then she reached down and began to fondle my aching, throbbing, boner. It was beginning to ooze pre cum. She said she always wondered what if looked like, and felt like.

    Then she said, put it in me. I always had a condom with me, in case, never thinking I'd have to use it. But I pulled it on. Being in our teens we didn't want to be parents suddenly. So I slid it on.

    Not experimentally really what to do I did. Magnus acton she gushed formidable. She staged she would do that at every thinking of me wild her.

    While I was dying to ram it in, I gently rubbed the swollen tip up and down her pussy slit. Her legs were wide open begging for being fucked. So I slowly slid it over and down her lipps, and to her waiting hole. I slid it in slowly feeling like I would cum at any second. She was tight, wet, and burning hot. Even through the condom I could feel it. I slid it in slow then deep, and out. Then I repeated it. She was moaning and grabbing at me and scratching me saying omg, omg, over and over. She said faster and harder so I did.

    It seemed like I did this for several minutes, leaning over to squeeze her tits and eat and lick them. When she did it was like my cock knew what to do and I could feel myself cumming, shooting wad after wad of hot cum. We were hot, panting, hearts pounding and breathing hard but we cam and did it together. She said "hold me". So I held he, kissing her, caressing her hair, and feeling my cock begin to grow soft inside her.

    In this story Jessia goes to Sir's house on Saturday afternoon. After tea he gives her a long, hard spanking. Memoria di Katerina Adult erotic spanking. October This story is a remembrance of a spanking that I gave. Spanking play really takes off when there is some undefined mental connection. The scene takes off like a Jazz session, where the two players start improvising on the same theme. In a scene like this I can let myself become who I am, deep down in my core. Like a butterfly trapped in amber, I hope that these words will preserve this memory.

    Kathleen Cuts a Switch Adult erotic spanking. October I have always loved the idea of sending a naughty girl out to cut the swich that will be used for her spanking. In this story the naughty girl has to cut the switch when her bottom is still stinging from a paddling. Rare Books and Special ServicesAdult erotic punishment spanking. November Kathleen is almost finished with her graduate degree and a stellar academic career. She starts slacking off as her inner Rocker Girl calls. In this story Kathleen gets some much needed discipline. James yelped and shot rope after rope of cum onto the towel beneath him. She knew this and was always asking him to do little things for her which he duly obliged.

    One Saturday after she had returned from shopping she slumped down on the sofa opposite to where James was sitting reading the newspaper. James worked hard at massaging her feet and moved up to her ankles. Penelope pretended to have her eyes closed reveling in the pleasure but she could see he was looking up her skirt and that he could probably see her tight white shiny silk panties. Off with your trousers. James stripped to his boxers and stood waiting to be told what to do now. Aston had taken off her skirt and was standing in her high heels, tan coloured stockings held up by a beige coloured silk girdle.

    When she opened her legs and he saw her tight white silk panties that were snug on her pussy and where he could see the outline of her lips he was soon groaning as his spunk soaked the tea towel she was holding. The following week Penelope met her sister Heather Talbot for Sunday lunch. Penelope laughed and said that he was following her around like a little puppy dog since his last spanking. Penelope decided to dress as provocatively as possible that Wednesday. She wore a black quarter cup satin bra that pushed her large breasts up with a matching thong.

    She dressed in a tight black satin pencil skirt with a black see through blouse. Almost black silk stockings held up by a wide black silk suspender belt and ridiculously high black heels. After a squirt of heady perfume she was ready for him. She was standing in the hallway waiting for him as soon as he walked in the front door.

    She smiled as James gasped upon seeing what she was wearing. Take your stuff upstairs and come back down and meet me in the sitting room. James sat next to her and she moved closer to him so their thighs were touching. James could only nod. Placing her hand directly onto his erection she gave it a squeeze and James moaned. James was looking at her large creamy breasts falling out over her bra as she said this. Oh God, w-what do you mean? As she said that she gently bit his ear. When James had calmed down she told him to put his cum soaked t-shirt in the Mature sexual spanking stories machine and follow her. She led him up to her bedroom. Penelope stood looking at his naked body.

    James groaned inwardly at the sight of her underwear. Next she slowly undid the buttons of her blouse and let it drop beside her satin skirt. James marvelled at her large breasts in the satin bra. She teasingly slipped that off to let her breasts hang free, her large nipples erect. James peeled them over her thighs and down her long legs. She sat on the edge of the bed with her legs open. Soon he was licking her to her satisfaction and when he found her clitoris it sent her over the edge and she came all over his face. When she recovered she walked into her en suite bathroom and returned with a little blue pill and a glass of water.

    Penelope had numerous orgasms especially when she laid back and made James fuck her, Finally after taking her from behind they both came in unison and collapsed on the bed. James crawled exhausted to his own room and immediately fell into a deep sleep. The next few days were relatively quiet for James as Penelope only made him service her once. James knocked on the door to find a fully clothed Mrs. Aston standing by the bed with a blue pill and a glass of water which James duly swallowed. He was told to lie on the bed where Penelope tied his wrists and ankles so he was unable to move.

    Just then the doorbell rang and she went down stairs to answer it. A panicky James wondered who it could be and hoped that Mrs. Aston would get rid of them soon as his cock had began to grow hard. Suddenly he heard two sets of footsteps on the stairs. When the bedroom door opened Mrs. Aston walked in with a lady wearing a long cream coloured raincoat. Talbot as she stared at his thick hard cock. That cock should stay hard for another four hours. James gasped when he saw what she was wearing underneath. Talbot was wearing a tight black silk corset that came up to below her naked breasts.

    It held up shiny black stockings and she was wearing black high heels. She sat on the bed next to James and took hold of his hard cock. Talbot as she climbed on the bed and straddled his face.

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