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    Ultrasonic Motors Using Longitudinal and Torsional Modes of a Rod Vibrator

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    Now, onward to the metal rotating rod. I removed the plastic cap and revealed this beautiful set of gears covered with grease to lubricate the gear rotations.

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    Seriously, how beautiful is this? Gears in a vibrator. There is a giant motor shown in the top left of the picture vobrator that is driving the gears. In this case, the gears are used to change the speed of rotation and reverse the direction of rotation. There you have it, everyone. Thanks for getting down with the teardown! Liz, our lovely CEO, suggested I take nicer pictures for these teardowns. And hers is a damn cool one. Precision sensors let you literally see your arousal and orgasm. Besides, the cops can't always be there. Just ask Thelma and Louise. Ban concealable guns and you alienate female voters.

    Think you're clever when you throw around the term, "pocket rocket? You are the laughingstock of the public. By the way, great pictures on the below web site.

    You look uncomfortable, as if for the first time in your life, you've been held accountable for doing vibratoe a poor job as a Congressman. Testing of this type is commonly done in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. These machines are capable of producing three different types of vibration profile sine sweep, random vibration, and synthesized shock. In all three of these applications, the part under test will typically be instrumented with one or more accelerometers to measure component response to the vibration input. A sine sweep vibration profile typically starts vibrating at low frequency and increases in frequency at a set rate measured in hertz.

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    The vibratory amplitude as measured in gs may increase or decrease bibrator well. A sine sweep will find resonant frequencies in the part. Vibator random vibration profile will excite different frequencies along a spectrum at different times. Significant calculation goes into making sure that all frequencies get excited to within an acceptable tolerance band. A random vibration test suite may range anywhere from 30 seconds up to several hours. It is intended to synthesize the effect of, for example, a car driving over rough terrain or a rocket taking off.

    A synthesized shock pulse is a short duration high level vibration calculated as a sum of many half-sine waves covering a range of frequencies. It is intended to simulate the effects of an impact or explosion. A shock pulse test typically lasts less than a second.

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