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    These Male Porn Stars Are Straight — But They Have Sex With Men for a Living

    Directly was extremely true for Curtis. For garland, when gay-for-pay making new Chris Tyler was went by the Wee Bucket what the nearest part of his job was, he did: Do they would the business that bad?.

    These personal accounts are never pretty.

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    The men in porn appear as though they are dominant and in control, but behind the scenes, they are usually victims of the same harsh conditions and harmful situations. The only money I had was fog grants, scholarships, and student loans. After tuition and housing, I barely had money to feed myself and I wanted to stay in Los Angeles and look for a job. It seemed like the easy cash that I needed. Eventually, those videos moved into videos with other men. The model scout gave me the feeling that it was glamorous and people would like me for the videos. He made me kind of think that it was a form of success.

    I felt like a sex slave! I felt trapped with no way out.

    For pay porn stars Gay

    I just kind of let my mind blank out during those times because I did NOT like what I was doing at all. Soon, I caught Chlamydia and it terrified me. Little did I know that it would be a boulder that would chain me to the ground for years. I would tell someone thinking of doing porn that it really is like a drug.

    After the high, comes massive withdrawals that will eventually lead to either depression, or a search for poen new drug to fill the hole that porn has cut into you. I, like many gay men, always had a fetish for straight men. The difference was my relationships with straight men didn't involve money or the spotlight, but usually involved alcohol and some pretend sleeping. Most of these guys are married and have kids now and I was a part of their "experimental phase. I find it really fascinating that so many seemingly complete straight guys from small town America are willing to be paid to do gay porn. First of all, let me start by saying that I obviously don't have any issues with it.

    In fact, there is something really attractive about the fact these guys are open-minded enough to go "there.

    So this conversation lends itself to this question: What type of straight guy does it take to do gay porn? I am far from an expert on this topic, I am writing this more as a open letter to see what everyone feels about this topic by asking the following questions. Are they really gay? Do they need the money that bad? Gay porn studios promote their stars as straight, and websites like SeanCody. Supplied Curtis says the fact he began enjoying the feeling caused him confusion about his sexuality. Stars may work one weekend a month, and spend the rest of the time socialising, going to the gym and holidaying. They can explore their sexuality while justifying it as simply a way to earn money.

    Anyone questioning their identity might be safer doing it away from a camera, particularly in the age of the internet. Others are relaxed about being on a spectrum. Documentary director Charlie David asks whether the reason gay porn audiences fetishise hypermasculinity is because of internalised homophobia. Supplied It looks like this business is here to stay. Porn star Eddie Stone, a genuine gay actor, says he was intrigued at the opportunity to have sex with straight men, but found it was much the same as doing a scene with another gay man.

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