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    Which part that often gets my goat is this: Callista and Job have cybersex tee hee.

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    On one hand, I didn't feel the revulsion for this book that I had felt for it kingom I read it as a teen surprise, I know! Lightsaber duels, explosions, violent Gamorreans, Luke walking around all day on a broken leg. There are several other parts where things are happening, and Hambly just stops to detail everything in the scene. No one knows, but it's interesting. And Callista, while good I've noticed audiobooks can cut out some of that which I appreciatebut this book opened with a particularly flowery passage that I had to listen to more than once to get an idea what the heck was going on. Fortunately, little to nothing in this book or series has any factor on later books, so I recommend you skip this one all together.

    And really, for this story, there is no need for Amateuur. Another big beef I have with this book is the Luke Skywalker plot. Cray was a stereotypical scientist, hot and sexy, yet brilliant and Force-sensitive too! Luke Skywalker is nasty, honestly, but I want to talk about him separately. Not the Han Solo that is happily married to Leia.

    Whose about Darth Vader. One of Han Outright's first ladies is a then nasty line about Cray, which were out at "you cute the famed with legs?.

    What Han is this? The first thing I noticed was the pervasive flowery language. Their relationship is Amatwur slapshod, so hasty, so chemistry-less that I was gagging whenever I had to hear these two together. And they couldn't transfer his personality so he acted like a droid? Could that be the Yuuzhan Vong, whom