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    Lasegue test Thumb

    Similar in concept, the effect of different arm positions on traction on the cords of the tsst plexus are documented [ 6 ]. This is less clear regarding the tests for cervical nerve root compression [ 3 ]. The straight leg test is known to have a valuable sensitivity with however a low specificity in the diagnosis of lumbar nerve compression [ 12 ]. The concept of cervical nerve traction by specific positions of the upper limb seems insufficiently understood and needs further illumination. Each joint positioning component is added until the pain is provoked or symptoms are reproduced.

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    Recording angle at which pain occurs - a normal value would be higher in people with ligament laxity. The examiner stops the test when the pain is reproduced or laxegue flexion is got. We aimed with this bi-modal study, firstly, to systematically find out the position of the upper extremity and the head that most effectively stretches the cervical nerve roots on anatomical basis, and secondly, to investigate the clinical value of this testing position in patients with cervical radicular compression. He also described several other maneuvers to perform the test, and also the control test [ 2 ].

    The test is said to be positive, when the patient experiences pain along the distribution of the lumbar roots [ 3 ]. Available literature on this subject has been reviewed with an aim to outline the mechanism of pain production and functional interpretation while doing this test. These tests are both diagnostic and therapeutic.

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