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    Acupuncture for Vaginismus

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    Acupuncture for Prolapses The Traditional Chinese Medicinal Theory involves herbal concoctions and theories and some exclusive treatment methods like needle piercing, moxibustion and the use of Therapeutic Infrared Lamp or TDP lamp.

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    According to the Chinese Medicinal theory, the different pressure points present in the body regulates the different organs and parts of body; hence, stimulating or normalizing the flow of energy restoration the normal functioning of the organ and body. In Acupuncture, needles are inserted into these pressure points to stimulate the spleen and thereby treat the prolapses. There are different Acupuncture points in the body that are focussed for the treatment of prolapses, so different organ prolapses have focus on different acupuncture points. For the treatment of rectum and uterus prolapse, the acupuncture points that are in focus are the spleen meridian and bai hui GV Acupuncture vagina term bai hui refers to ' meetings', which is believed to be the point of interest for diseases.

    As these points are stimulated in the acupuncture procedure, it Acupuncture vagina up the energy level that is lowered or sunken, leading to the prolapses. These together are called Naganos. Often the liver meridian is given equal importance in treating prolapses in women. Generally, women in productive age are likely to present in excess syndromes such as damp-heat accumulation; women after menopause are likely to present in deficient syndromes such as yin deficiencyor blood deficiency. After evaluating the local and whole body situations, and along with the gynecologic and laboratory results of the individuals, TCM physicians will design a treatment plan accordingly.

    In order to enhancing a full recovery, physicians may give oral remedies to regulate the dysfunction organs, and apply topical remedies such as wash or suppository on genital region to eliminate the local irritations. Below are the common disharmony patterns of itchy vulva and the anti-itch remedies. Damp-heat accumulated in lower burner The genital area is red and Itchy, and with excessive vaginal discharges that are yellowish and thick in texture, and a foul and fishy smell. Other accompanied symptoms include irritability, poor sleep, chest stuffiness, a bitter taste and slimy sensation in the mouth, low appetite, and yellowish and scanty urine.

    On examination, the tongue is red and covered by yellow and greasy coating, and the pulse is rolling and rapid. TCM remedy should aim to clear heat, drain dampness, eliminate local irritations and stop itching. Poison Yam Draining Dampness Decoction plus atractylodes rhizome, dictamnus root bark, carpesia grass Yin deficiency of liver and kidney The genital area is itchy, dry and burning, that are worse at night. Individuals may also have vaginal discharges yellow or blood-stainedirritability, hot flashes, dizziness, blurred vision, ear ringing, sweating, mouth dryness, lumbar soreness, warm palms and soles. The tongue is red and little coating, the pulse is threadyrapid and taut.

    TCM remedy should aim to nourish yin, check virtual fireand invigorate liver and kidney. Individuals often accompany with dizziness, blurred vision, heart palpitations, insomnia or dream-disturbed sleep, forgetfulness, sallow complexion, and dry stools. The tongue is pale and the pulse is thready and hesitant. TCM remedy should aim to enrich blood, moist dryness, and stop itching.

    Acupuncgure often Acupuncturr with restless, chest stuffiness, agitated or anxiety, and insomnia. The tongue Afupuncture slightly red and covered by yellow and greasy fur, and the pulse is taut, thready and rapid. The remedy should aim to clear liver and resolve stagnation. TOP External herbal remedies for itchy vulva External herbal remedies are important for itchy vulva, and are usually applied in wash, compression, powder or cream forms by TCM physicians. The effective ingredients can direct act on the private part, to clean, deodorize, eliminate harmful irritations, arrest discharges, stop itching, anti-septic, anti-fungal, and promote tissue repairing.

    Physicians use a wide range of herbs for the remedies, and are prepared according to individual health needs, thus the cause of side effects is infrequent. Actually, external remedies alone are well enough for mild cases, but for stubborn itchy vulva, it is best to work together with oral remedies, especially for those weak or elderly women.

    This is suitable for itchy vulva due to infections. Common cnidium fruit 30gsessile stemona root 30g Acupunctture, sopora root 30gAcupuncturd swallow-wort root 15gamur corktree bark 20gand schizonepeta vaigna or pepper mint 20g, add in the last 5 minutes. This gagina suitable for itchy vulva in menopause. Carpesium 30gsopora root 15gclematis root 15gangelica root 15gcommon cnidium fruit 15gChinese Stellera root 30g. After decocted, add fresh pig bile juice 10ml into the herbal solution. This is suitable for itchy vulva due to fungal infection. Epimedium, psoralea, common cnidium fruit, red peony root, Chinese rhubarb, schizonepeta herb, and Siberian solomonseal rhizome, for 30g each.

    This is suitable for itchy vulva in elderly. Secondary vaginismus is where vaginal penetration was possible in the past but is now no longer possible due to a variety of reasons which may lead to fear of pain with attempts at penetration. What are the physical contributors to vaginismus and how acupuncture for vaginismus pinpoint to the core of the condition? It is always important for the health care practitioners who are treating this condition to address any possible physical contributors to vaginismus.

    Vagina Acupuncture

    There are many possible factors that can cause primary vaginismus or deteriorate secondary form and if they are overlooked female patient may be spending time on therapies that may not be appropriate for her. Not all cases of vaginismus are psychological. Some of them are developed based on real physical influences. Some physical conditions to consider and discuss with a doctor or allied health practitioner include: This is often associated menstrual cramps, pain with bowel opening, non-menstrual pelvic pain, or inability to manage sexual intercourse due to pain. Infections in other parts of your body that require the frequent use of antibiotics can lead to undiagnosed recurrent vulvovaginal thrush.

    Thrush is commonly due to a yeast infection known as candida albicans. More women are opting to have acupuncture for vaginal itching and discharge because it is non invasive and safe. Steroids, antibiotics or acupuncture? Steroids can cause thrush and also have many other side effects. Another common cause of thrush is from antibiotics which may have been prescribed if the mum had a lung infection.

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