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    Regarding trial concerns, he stated "we would have prevailed at trial. Harding answered "I have definitely thought about it. On February 5,the disciplinary panel of the U. Harding then publicly took responsibility "for failing to report things [about the planned assault] when I returned home from Nationals [on January 10] She did not benefit from the ensuing boom in professional skating after the scandal. The intent was preventing her competing in both the National Championships Kerrigan was the defending U.

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    Robert Weaver said the decision disappointed her but was not a surprise, and that she had not decided on an appeal. She and her lawyer, Robert Weaver, negotiated a plea bargain ensuring no further prosecution. The USFSA's executive committee convened to discuss their position should Harding seek reinstatement and whether they might strip her of the National Championship title. I wish him nothing but the best.

    If I ever did anything, it was to stick up for him and protect him. This is based on civil standardsnot criminal standards On February 1,Gillooly's attorney negotiated a plea bargain in exchange for testimony regarding all involved parties in the attack. Yet he expressed regret that Harding is often "remembered for what I talked her into doing," meaning allegedly plotting to injure Nancy Kerrigan.

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