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    The Little Red Squirrel When one needs to get out of the house quickly, you take matters into your own hands. While I held this wonderful gem in my hands, I got to thinking that I actually had no idea about the history of hair dryers not even one tiny fact.

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    This means that it takes less time for the dryers to heat up and for the hair to dry. This makes it so that the hair is less likely to frizz and it gives the hair more volume. Hair dryers have been cited as an effective treatment for head lice [6] and earwax -prevention. I would be scared if this was what was drying my hair. The s also saw the introduction of the rigid-hood hair dryer which is the type most frequently seen in salons. It makes the end of the blow dryer narrower and thus helps to concentrate the heat into one spot to make it dry rapidly.

    Blow dryer Vintage

    Bydeaths by blwo had dropped to fewer than four people a year, a stark difference to the hundreds of cases of electrocution accidents during the midth century. Nichrome is used because of two important properties: Since the CPSC has mandated that all dryers must use a ground fault circuit interrupter so that it cannot electrocute a person if it gets wet. An airflow concentrator does the opposite of a diffuser. Hood dryers are mainly found in hair salons.

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