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    Un most active fandoms on FictionPad are: Not even after his daughter?.

    The site is powered by communities.

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    All users are divided into five groups, from owners to watchers. Fandom is one of 10 major communities. There are over separate fandoms listed here. However, you can read recent posts listed in Fandom section without singing in.

    FictionPad This is the youngest wsb in this selection, but definitely worth a try. Stories are categorized by fandoms, genres, characters, and tags. Her nightmare has just begun. August 5, Updated: January 15, Her father is an American muggle whose knowledge of the wizarding world was obliviated for his own protection.

    Whatsoever outside my interview zone, pile on the looking women. January 13, United:.

    Mia Roswell is bold, cheeky, and intelligent; she returns to Hogwarts for her 7th year, and finds herself head over heels in a forbidden romance. Like homework and raging hormones. Multiple pairings, mostly sweet, some drama, some fluff. A hodgepodge just for fun. This is my first fic, so keep that in mind, it will probably be flawed. December 3, Updated: January 14, 9: Once secrets come out, what is going to happen? August 16, Updated: January 14, 6: He is almost grateful for it. His body still hurts, but it is different kind of pain, one that runs through his veins like liquid fire. Is there no respite for him?

    Not even after his death? He paid his dues, he died for the brat. To give him just a little bit of rest? If he is alive he would beg, he would scream, he would plead for just a moment of rest, pride be damned. December 31, Updated: January 14, In response, Olsen transitioned her small archive into a multi-fandom archive that would accept the mature content that Fanfiction. At first, the archive was small enough to be run on html. Byhowever, it was necessary to switch to a different software; the site decided to use a software known as Storyline.

    Because of this, it is very difficult for the site archivists to make any changes to the archive software. New features are accordingly slow to be implemented and revealed, and the archive has been unable to implement oft-requested features that archives such as Fanfiction. Net or An Archive of Our Own already have. AFF sections by size. These figures are based on the fic counts displayed in the headers of each section of the site as recorded in April, In Novemberit received approximatelyvisitors a month, listed aboutauthors and more than 11, stories published in the Anime index.

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