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    The vagina is about 7—9cm long, but it is very, very stretchy. In some women, the inner lips are completely enclosed by the outer lips. It has a sensitive surface rather like the end of the male penis sheltered by a hood of skin rather like the foreskin of the male penis, but not extending all the way round.

    thumh If you have a really big dick, you won't be able to fit it all in. Remember, your doctor cannot help you if he or she does not know what the problem is! Does this make her vagina better? The medical name for this area is the vestibule.

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    It feels like small, soft pea. During penetrative sex, the penis is in the vagina Pussu sperm are squirted out over the cervix at orgasm cum. The type of vagina you imagine is part of a porn star. It extends quite a long way inside, hidden by fat and bone.

    Getting help for a vaginal or vulval problem If you have a problem in the vulval or vaginal area, such as itching or pain or dischargeyou may feel too embarrassed to get help. Useful contacts for Vaginal and vulval problems Click to see all the contacts that you may find useful in relation to vaginal vulva problems. Sunday, January 22nd "Perfectly normal vulvas come in all shapes and sizes," says GP and comedian Dr Phil Hammond, "each different and beautiful in their own way. The sperm swim up into the Fallopian tubes. They may also support the walls of the vagina so that sex is easier.

    The clitoris is very sensitive and sexual pleasure is one of its main functions.

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    Men with small feet have had to live with the notion that most women believe they have little dicks. This chick will jump when you enter her and hold you back from properly fucking. Many of the sperms find their way through the hole in the cervix and up through the uterus.

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