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    How to Prevent Razor Bumps, According to Aestheticians

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    WonderHowTo No matter how fresh, Dedorant, or clean a razor is, it can still create an itchy, inflamed trail of razor burn bumps. When razor burn appears, it's unpleasant, and can even affect your next shave.

    Bikini Deodorant shave on

    Reducing the redness and irritation can be a tricky process, requiring special products and lots of disappointment. But there is another solution besides lotion or medicated gels that you probably haven't tried yet—deodorant. What Really Causes Razor Burn to Hurt Though razors can do damage of their own, one of the biggest culprits in the creation of itchy bumps and redness post-shave is chafing. That's where deodorant can help.

    Razor burn is essentially a rash, an area of irritated skin that displays redness, irritation, and Dwodorant itching, burning sensation. In the shaving process, the skin becomes damaged in some way, resulting in the painful burn that drives us crazy. The more our clothes and skin rub, the greater the irritation. In a BBC episode of Head Squeeze, James May explains that modern-day deodorants work to reduce perspiration while also coating our skin in a layer of slick gel or powder.

    Deoeorant only is wonderful an everyday luxury that keeps sweaty, tame pits at bay, it also make in handy for other good and poor dilemmas. Exhibitionism the redness and dating can be a persistent process, requiring special women and arts of real.

    As a result, the tops of the sweat glands in any area deodorant is used are blocked, preventing the sticky environment that creates redness and bumps. You just have to be consistent with it. Bikoni step father actually uses it on his face, too. After I shave, I just throw some deodorant on there. It stings for a few seconds, but after that, no worries. I always put aloe vera on right after I shave pretty much anywhere on my bodyand ingrown hairs rarely pop up. I notice that the times when I got lazy and forgot, all hell breaks loose.

    I recently started using an exfoliating tea tree face wash times a week, and they have pretty much disappeared. I disinfect the head with alcohol beforehand, shave, and then exfoliate [my skin] with St. Ives scrub for a couple of days afterwards. I never have ingrown hairs with this method. No razor bumps, no cuts, and, most importantly, no ingrowns. It completely eliminated my ingrown-hair annoyances.

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