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    Just do it, and get it over with. It is far easier to jump right in, than to drag out the process. Why do they do this? It is designed to help make your first-time nudist experience as comfortable as we can possibly make it. There is nothing better than smelling fresh grass, talking to your close friends and enjoying hot rays of high-noon sun. It sees the human body as good, normal, varied - and something that only needs covering if the owner wants to cover it. He fell asleep on his blanket, on the grass between the tennis courts and the swimming pool. It's packed with information, sensitively presented, and with a touch of humor to help you relax.

    Next time you've dressed yourself up to the nines, take a look in the mirror when you've taken it all off.

    Clothes often force your body into shapes and positions that don't feel natural. How many women have pulled piccs a girdle because they really wanted to? Upon awakening, he lay with his eyes closed, feeling the warm sunshine and the gentle breeze, listening to the sounds around him, the tennis balls volleying on one side, and the splashes, conversation and squeals from kids down around the pool. We know that it takes courage and trust to try nudism.

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    What all of us have learned, is that the first fhn or fifteen minutes, we are so intimidated that our equipment doesn't work the way we thought it would. Going without clothes among others allows us to bare everything but our souls. One of our members tells about his first visit to a "landed" nudist park. We live in a society that has grown to view the human body as something to be covered - even ashamed of. It depends largely on how comfortable you feel. How many men truly enjoy wearing a collar and tie?

    Naturists separate that menstruation is a honest natural part of cute Nudisy all areas, and you won't be specified out for transmission notice. You must do the good which you party you cannot do.

    Naturism takes the opposite view. We remember how uncomfortable it was to think about, before actually experiencing clothes-free recreation. From the large gallery of BBS nudist colony, we bring you nude life of young and old naturists alike.

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