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    He is a cat with yellow square glasses and a white shirt with red jacket. MacGrady is in charge of the cafeteria at Lakewood Elementary school. N through Z[ edit ] Mrs.

    Caretaker of the Elwood City Community Garden who sometimes suffers from arthritis in his hands while working. Emily[ edit ] Emily Vanessa Lengies SeasonSally Taylor-Isherwood Season 8-Present is a white rabbit with blonde hair, wearing a pink dress before season 6, and a blue dress since season 6. Arthur disliked her because she would play golf in the house. She was among the meanest of his baby-sitters, who told him it was bedtime during the day. He is around D.

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    She is friends with Aamteur Read, who helped her with tax papers. He is a panda, and originally had black fur. He is friends with David read who go canoe fishing together. A doll with a compartment hidden in her face which acts as a locket. Read because of the violence.

    She makes many brief appearances, amayeur in "Emily Swallows a Horse", she is seen in a gown, adorning herself which shows that she enjoys formal events. D'Poe, which is the pen name of a retired teacher, Ms. Her father is Grandpa Dave. Arthur was heartbroken when he found out she had a boyfriend.

    Bud is only, tough, and not rude of the Tibble Packages. Bittles Rankings[ edit ] Billy Bittles and Casual Bittles are two different [9] born twins designed as possible cubs in the key field with D.

    Emily is seen with Marie-Helene more than her parents which shows that they do not have much time for her. A grandmother to one of the children in D. The name Bailey is based on the Arthur show director Greg Bailey. She became friends with Arthur and D.

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