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    Sound behind Dean there was Kevin Wins and Dean encouraged to him away he was lapping to the morality. As we saw nuchal, she's not bad at oak, although Alice is a bit cold in Panel 2.

    Will Seth see that it's to late or will he try to break them up?

    Fiction M slqp English - Romance - Words: Dean was truly feeling loved not only by Roman but also by Roman's family Jo started to call him Daddy, it slp Dean' heart every time that Jo would call him Daddy and tell him that she loved slapp. It didn't take her long to welcome him into the family as she loved him just as much as her own father. Then there was Jimmy and Jey, Roman's cousin's they took him in and made him part Jlelle the family. Tonight was going to be a fast paced night Dean had his Money in the Bank ladder match. And Roman was defending his World Championship against Seth. It's been a little over a year since Seth broke his heart it hurt that every so often he would get a text from him saying he was slwp.

    But he wasn't caring cause Roman was there to put it back together. Dean was off in his open little world he didn't hear the door open. It wasn't till the strong caramel colored arms wrapped around him pulling him close to him. Roman deepened the kiss as he reached back and griped Dean's ass and picked him up as Dean wrapped his legs around Roman's waist. Roman moved them over to the table and sat Dean down on the table and started to kiss his neck. The kisses become a fight for dominance between the two. There was a knock at the door as Roman laid his head on Dean's shoulder. Roman shivered as he felt the touch of Dean's fingers caressed him. With one last look Dean walked over to, Roman and pulled him in for another kiss.

    Dean walked out the door and down the hall to the gorilla to get ready. He was the last of the seven to go out to the ring as he stood there he started to jump up and down moving his head getting pumped up. Dean was in the zone when he felt a presence behind him he turned to see none other than Seth. Roman was getting his things ready for when he got ready for his match. He wanted to sit and watch Dean do his thing. Roman and Dean had always been there for one another even after the destruction of The Shield.

    But they were first and foremost brothers who loved on another to the point of a relationship forming. Roman couldn't believe how happy that Dean has made him in these past ten months. It was all falling into place his whole family loved him, his parents fell instantly in love with him. And then there was Jo she was over the moon to be able to call Dean Daddy as well.

    Slap that ass Joelle

    Roman could still remember then first night that Jo had called him Daddy. Flashback "Daddy what do you think about me calling Dean Daddy too instead of Uncle? And mommy said I had to ask you first. The two men sat on the couch with the little girl between them. Roman had his arm around Dean as Dean had his arm around Jo. As the end credits rolled Dean looked down to see a sleepy Jo looking up. Joelle turned to face Dean who was still sitting there. End Flashback Roman came back to see that there were all kinds of carnage inside and outside the ring. There was all kinds of body's and broken ladders all over the place. Roman was on the edge of his seat as he watched as Dean was up and setting up a ladder under the case.

    Then behind Dean there was Kevin Owens and Dean took to him like he was fresh to the match. Dean pulled Owens into a ladder, knocking Owens onto a ladder bridged between another ladder and the ring corner. Roman was up as Dean climbed the ladder and unhooked the case becoming the Money in the bank winner. Roman turned the TV off and jumped up and down he was so happy for his lover. He couldn't wait till Dean came back to the locker room so he could congratulate him. Dean celebrated with the crowd and took his time with the fans.

    He now had the case that was going to help him get the championship. Once he was back behind the curtain he was faced with none other than Seth. Dean didn't see him as he was engulfed by arms hugging him. Dean froze as he realized who the arms belonged to Seth and not that of his lover. Dean pushed back and Seth hit a table with the force. Don't you ever touch me again. Go find your girlfriend. Dean I love you I was wrong to have let you go. Please can you give me another chance I'll do anything. Dean backed up and punched Seth in the face. I am over you and finally with someone who loves me for me and isn't afraid to be with me. But no more I have a family who loves me as I am. Seth reached out and grabbed his arm turning him around holding on to his arm.

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    Your all I ever Joeloe in a lover. I have moved on and I am happy. And he is Joeloe there for me no matter what even after you broke me and I was ready to end things he was there. He's my life and nothing you say and or do will ever change that. I love him and he loves me, and together with his daughter we are a family. Opening the door, he found Roman their getting ready he was all but dressed.

    Dean grabbed Roman and held him close and deepened the kiss. Dean hadn't Joelle slap that ass it but he started to cry during the kiss. I went out and had the match and when I came back I was headed here and he snuck up behind me and hugged me. I'm not sure if the Batman Axiom of Comics applies in this case, as Batman '66 isn't the "real" Batman and Jones is drawing a Batgirl story anyway, but for whatever reason I like to think it's Jeff Parker's doingthis series has featured a lot of cool artists, and Jones is just one of them! Noted playboy Bruce Wayne gets poisoned, and Barbara Gordon realizes his "ladyfriend," Lisa Carson, is probably the culprit, so we get this nice scene where she decides it's time for Batgirl to get involved.

    Jones is a terrific artist for Batman '66, because she has a nice, old-school sensibility that fits the "Sixties" tone of the comic even though it's set in the present, as far as I can tell. She gives Barbara that tremendous beehive, for instance, and it might just be me, but in the final panel, the faint inked lines on Barbara's mid-section seem to imply she's wearing a tight-fitting girdle. Jones also does a good job with Barbara's apartment, which looks very mod and stylish. I like how Jones remembers to make Barbara's necklace swing when she runs across the middle row, because of course it would! You might notice, too, that Barbara's face is a bit less angular than some other of Jones's females that we've seen - over the course of her career, she's gotten a little bit softer, although I wonder if that's because of the coloring Nick Filardi is back on colors in this story.

    But it's still interesting. Batgirl falls into "Cleopatra's" lair, and Jones does a nice job with that in Panel 1. The tube down which she fell comes in from the left, bending us into the scene, and while Batgirl is below Lisa Carson, the top of the tube is close enough to the bed on which Lisa lies to lead us to her dialogue and then back down to Batgirl, who leads us to Panel 2. It's a nice design. The first panel is pretty clever, placing the two women in parallel, with Lisa lying in control while Barbara is off-kilter.

    Barbara quickly regroups, but it's an interesting way for Jones to lengthen the panel and draw us across the panel completely before we move on. Most horizontal panels still have people standing, so they chop up the panel into smaller vertical sections. Jones doesn't do that here, as she makes everything horizontal, stretching the panel nicely. Her inking on the page is tremendous, too, as the tiger skin on which Lisa lies is beautifully inked, while the lack of long eyelashes on Batgirl juxtaposed against Lisa's lashes make Barbara more trustworthy while Lisa seems more exotic and therefore more dangerous Barbara has lashes, but they're shorter than Lisa's. I don't make up the stereotypes, people, I just point them out, and Jones does it quite subtly, which is nice.

    On the next page, Lisa offers Batgirl a job, in the most threatening way possible. Jones does really good work in Panel 2 with Lisa, when she seems so happy that Batgirl is so learned I can never see that word without thinking of Homer and Pepe. It's such a natural posture, because Lisa really does believe that Batgirl wants to be her advisor, and it seems so innocent, which makes her turn to threatening a few panels later even better, as it shows her unstable state of mind. When Lisa explains what happened to Bruce, she gets a nice evil look in her eyes, and Jones narrows them well, which contrasts nicely with Batgirl's wide-eyed fear at the asp. Jones draws a nice snake, doesn't she?

    Batgirl decides against working with Lisa, which leads to her kicking butt, because she's Batgirl!

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