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    Have you ever tried sucking your own penis?

    Be overland to use your friends to your advantage. You can browse this by pew on the tip and jerking your mouth to falling it all over his presence.

    Well it is quite similar pejises head. Try going down at your own pace, there is no rush. There are so many things you can do with your mouth.

    This is Petlovers forum gay stallion to unload 10, but with the man being closed beta in from either side. Dog all around his public.

    Start by planting soft kisses on his penis to gagging on it to sucking on his balls and finally suxking your tongue down his penis. Versatility is key 6. If your mouth is dry, drink some water first to moisten penisees. If you are giving him head with dry mouth, the friction causes pain and discomfort to both you and the man. You can avoid this by spitting on the tip and using your mouth to spread it all over his penis. Your mouth needs to feel as good as your pussy feels. You probably think this will look gross and messy but to be honest, guys love it and they think it is sexy. Wet and Sloppy The messier, the better. You should want this as bad as he wants it.

    You are on your knees because you personally want to please him and not because he wants it. Add some passion to it Important: Make sounds groaning and when slurping on his penis.

    Penises their own Men sucking

    It also proves that you enjoy it as well 8. Make eye contact Some people believe eye contact while giving head can be really creepy but eye contact is literally looking at him enjoy the pleasures you are giving him. Indirectly you are getting to know what he likes just by staring at him. Pay attention to how he reacts to things you do to him his body movements and moans Important: You can either try 69 or something else that can be more engaging. Swallow Optional This is totally your call ladies. If you do feel comfortable with this, the secret behind it is not tasting Men sucking their own penises but swallowing as soon as it gets in your mouth. This is where your imagination comes into play.

    Imagine it is ice-cream, yoghurt and swallow it like the big girl you are. You get to Men sucking their own penises Spit or Swallow. I mean no disrespect, and have enjoyed blowing a number of fat men after all, they need to cum also. When blowing a very fat man, the position needs to allow easy access to his cock, which can tend to pull under layers of fat. Leaner men, and men with long cocks can be very effectively blown in this position. This position makes it easy for the man being sucked to be comfortable while watching porn. As a cocksucker, I have come to realize that for some men, my mouth is simply a cum dump.

    Many men really enjoy watching a cocksucker in action, but when blowing a man, watching porn can help in the arousal process. They may not be able to watch porn, but can close their eyes and indulge their favorite fantasy. Fat men often appear to have smaller cocks because some of their length is hidden beneath the fat. This offers the ability to easily blow men of any size, and can be comfortable for long duration blowjobs. It works well for fat men, though position 5 is better for extremely fat men, because it provides better access to his cock. The multiple mattress situation sometimes happens in sex party situations.

    This position allows for plenty of adjustment, which is handy for long duration blowjobs. This is similar to positions 6 and 7. This position lends itself well the man being sucked touching the sucker. I never discourage that because if it arouses him it makes the blowjob better for both of us. This position offers a lot of flexibility to change position, and is very comfortable on a bed. If not on a bed, you may have to make some adjustments to enhance comfort. If access to your parts is the primary consideration, it is superior to position 8, because the cocksuckers cock and balls hang down, and with the knees slightly apart, the ass can be easily accessed.

    I became a real fan of this position when I blew men who enjoyed fingering my ass, which I grew to really enjoy. This is a comfortable position for the cocksucker, and works especially well when there are multiple men to suck. For those who like to give facials, this is a good position, allowing him to pull out and spray his load as he pleases. It is also an especially when the recipient of the blowjob wants his balls sucked. In this position the both balls can often be completely dropped into the suckers mouth. This is popularly referred to as t-bagging. Its not for everyone, but for men who love it, it can be very arousing.

    One of my regulars would often approach climax, but have difficulty getting there. When he would drop his balls into my thwir for a few minutes, he would pull his balls out and immediately insert his discharging cock! Giving your man what arouses him the most can be key to your both experiencing the very best blowjob. This is similar to position 10, but with the man being blown coming in from either side. This position clearly puts the man being sucked clearly in charge. Like it or not, the sucker must continue until the man being sucked gets off him. This position works best for longer cocks.

    This is closely related to position 12b, ownn next. If not, the very similar position 12c may work better. This is wonderful for suckinf with small cocks, and sometimes preferred by men with large cocks. With a large cock in this position, it can be really tough on the cocksucker. Having said that, this is a position I really do love, but only encourage men with small to medium sized cocks to mount me in that manner. It is also a great position for t-bagging. There is another issue with this position. The sucker is very much at the mercy of the man he is sucking. In theie to blow the man on top, he often needs sicking lean forward, almost in 69 position. It is a very good position for t-bagging.

    It is also a favorite of men who enjoy forcible rimming. It would seem that the four 12 positions are very risky and should be avoided. On the contrary, I really like all of these positions, but it is critical to really know the man you are blowing! In all of these positions you are giving up control, so make sure you give up control to a man you really trust! I have blown many men I did not know well, and typically use the kneeling positions for them, but when I know and trust a man, any of the 12 positions have been great! The man on the top will often have his knees on either side of the bottom man.

    If you use this position, make sure you are able to finish the job, should you cum first. The man being blown comes slips into the mouth and enters. This is a good position for blowing men with big cocks, even if you cannot deep throat. I am told that this position is also very good for deep-throating, as the entry is a straight path and the throat is more open. It is often best for the cocksucker to slide down in the chair a bit to adjust to the position of the cock. Like position 11, it lends itself well to approaches from either side. Car sucks can be very cramped in small vehicles, and nearly impossible for vehicles with large consoles. You may have to do a little experimenting to find what works best.

    In general, car sucks are best with guys who cum quickly.

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