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    Erotic Japanese game show with the hottest women

    If they receive, they get girsl go a glimpse of the fasti girl. Round, a common era links some contestants: Below, we make you some vehicles:.

    They must then take a big, ravenous bite of the objects jaked believe to be candy, najed ending up with a yummy hunk of sugary goodness or a humiliating mouthful of whatever random item that actually is. The candy is made from Japanese "sokkuri sweets" that can be molded into crazy-intricate shapes. Below, is he biting into any old picture frame, or one delectable piece of chocolate? Just a picture frame. Orgasm Wars In "Orgasm Wars," gay men attempt to bring straight men to orgasm, and prove that But the narrators sure make it sound like the ultimate sexuality showdown.

    Below, the straight contestant, who is also a porn star, swears that he will er, come out on top. So, after some introductions and trash talk, the challenge commences, each man trying to humiliate the other -- an apparent trend in Japanese game shows: Will one man's staunch heterosexuality be impeached by another man's sexual prowess? You'll have to find out for yourselves, cause we stopped watching. Sexuality's a spectrum, dudes. Human Slip 'n Slide In this charming bit of highbrow entertainment, a lube-soaked middle-aged man attempts to slide across a slippery row of young, bikini-clad women. That's one way to turn your midlife crisis into split-second, small-screen fame.

    Players are supposed to catch the marshmallows with their mouths, while their heads are attached to a rubber band. If this isn't sickeningly funny for you to watch, you probably won't like many other Japanese game shows.

    Shows naked with game girls Japanese

    The classic trivia game, with a "loser gets a face Jaapnese of winner's butt" twist. Human Bowling It sounds like exactly what it is: The perfect consolation prize for anybody who's pissed they didn't qualify for luging in the Winter Olympics. Contestants are launched at enormous bowling pins and pushed down this sloped lane. The finale of U. Contestants must jump and maneuver their bodies through the moving gaps in the wall. Unfortunately, they are not human-friendly shaped gaps, so this game appears to be a lost cause. That said, it's still pretty entertaining to watch.

    It even Japanwse its way to the U. For this one, girls sleep on the floor and they are judged by how cute they wake up. The judges Japwnese on each girl and it is up to them to decide how to wake them up. If they wake up like most of anked wake up on a Monday morning, then they get naker pie in their face. Undressing Her With Your Eyes Naked girls is a favorite theme for these Japanese game shows. They do this in an attempt to pull strings, so they can undress the girl whose clothes are attached to the string of the clamps. Human Bowling For this game, bowling bowls are done without. Compared to some of the other games, this one is a breeze. This game is not for the faint-hearted.

    Contestants are asked to solve the puzzle while balancing on retracting planks, being stuck in a room filling up with water and other pressure fueled situations. Advertisement Media Source This game has contestants travel the world but at a high cost. In one case, a girl was placed in a plexiglass, then a bear was released and scared the bejesus out of her.

    Clip, headlines are shown nightclubs people trying king. When said, it's far from there dead.

    The girl has to record the whole thing. Once again, contestants are put under extreme naed to answer questions. Advertisement Media Source There's nothing much to this game, no, really. One spins the wheel, one who manipulates the torture device and one who sits inside the torture device and has to endure the pain of her legs being spread further and further apart.

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