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    Tefn in sport and physical activity positively impact physical and mental health, and reduce the probability of young people engaging in risky behaviors such as unsafe sexual activities and drug use. Title IX of the Education Amendments of was a giant leap for womankind because it prohibited discrimination based on sex in federally-funded educational programs and activities.

    Girls sport Teen

    This opened many Ten for women and girls to participate in athletic opportunities, which were once inaccessible for all females. Today we, as a sport for development sector, need to uncover giros invest in innovative methods to retain the number of women and girls in sports. It is our responsibility to demonstrate to girls that it is socially acceptable to participate in sports; it can give girls the skills and confidence to break down barriers and achieve goals throughout their lives. Firstly, sports can address gender issues and promote gender equality on a global scale. In the study " Girls, Sports and Equality: So why play sports?

    The Women's Sports Foundation has discovered that sports offer some extra spor for girls in addition to having fun and getting fit. Here are a few: Girls who play sports do better in school. You might think that athletics will take up all your study time. But research shows that girls who play sports do better in school and are more likely to graduate than those who don't. Basketball gives teen girls the opportunity to grow in height, improve their stamina, work on their movement coordination and learn how to work in a team even more than they learn by practicing volleyball.

    Basketball will help her build her strength, both mentally and physically.

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    Giros seven teammates and the rule of keeping the ball in your hands for only three seconds, netball requires perfect team coordination and timing. With specific rules of movement, there is almost no danger of injury during the game. Also, a fun fact is that netball is played in dresses. Figuring out the rules and being able to wear well-designed netball dresses will make you want to start playing right away. Joining sports impacts health, school and social life. So, what sports do girls choose and what impact does that have?

    The sports girls chose the least were wrestling, lacrosse, golf and football. Overall, spodt percent of girls participated in sports, compared with 75 percent of boys. And 29 percent of girls participated in two or more sports, compared to 47 percent of boys.

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