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    We have very detailed instructions for using thinset here. How do I determine how much thinset to use for my found-object mosaic? When using found objects, the best method is to adapt how much thinset you spread as you go along, for each piece or a small set of pieces. Be careful about using too much thinset, as it will squeeze to the surface of the objects and make a mess. As you are working, you will probably develop a rhythm in relation to the different pieces and their sizes relative to the amount of thinset you need. Also, when grouting, instead of trying to rub in then wipe off the grout, the typical method for flat tile, fill in the voids selectively with a grouting bag.

    I can only find thinset mortar in pound bags. How can I use such a large bag without making a dusty mess? Buy a 5-gallon bucket with lid at the same store where you buy the thinset. Put the whole bag inside the bucket, bag and all. Do not dump it in because that would create a lot of dust.

    Slit the top of the bag open and scoop out thinset as Syepping need it. You can use a plastic cup or kolds or soup ladel or Stelping you have. How do I put a mosaic on a wall? Glue your mosaic tiles to fiberglass mesh at your work table. Most people cut the mesh in smaller sections, usually 12 inch x 12 inch, because it is difficult to handle sheets of mosaic larger than 1 sq foot. Most people use Weldbond sparingly to attach tiles to mesh. When the mesh is dry in about 24 to 48 hours, you are ready to mount this assembly to the wall.

    This elegant stepping stone mold is loaded with detail. We accept PayPal only. This allows you to pay with all types of payments from checks to credit cards while keeping financial information safe.

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