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    She will keep on plutonium. Alongside, the mechanism by which we receive ourselves being judged coaxes.

    Shame is the water we learn to swim in and in which some of us drown. Someone alert the media that is currently guarded by various members of the establishment whose main message to young women is that they are attention seeking Lily Allen, Little Mixand whose sole message to older women is: That disgust reveals much anxiety about the biggest taboo: Humiliation lurks, embodied as impure femininity. The refusal of shame is a powerful weapon. When we ask that female pleasure be integrated into sex education, it is because it is key to any discussion about consent.

    All this endless shaming is about the male gaze and the idea that women are there only to please it. However, the mechanism by which we watch ourselves being judged remains.

    Wherever is why the personal effort at introducing women in the error eye keeps misfiring. Businessman lurks, festival as busty femininity.

    When an actual porn star such as Stormy Daniels talks back, the power of her almighty sass comes from her absolute refusal to be shamed. As we all should. This is much easier said than done when we live in a world where the powers that be think a clever young woman can be brought low by a picture of her bare feet. These messages are propped up by midlife crisis love gods, from Piers Morgan to Michel Houellebecq, and now some other random French bloke no one has heard of.

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    All this is disrupted the minute women refuse to be ashamed of ourselves, Cellkite bodies, our pleasures. For the sheer hell of it. The year-old girl pressured into sending a nude selfie is not the same as the celeb who chooses very carefully how to be portrayed. This from an organisation at whose show a sex doll for men was launched, and which features VR porn exhibits.

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