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    Small blood vessels can burst and interfere with blood flow. However in psinful men recovery takes longer and scarring can happen. A pre-existing problem with the immune system or diabetes could explain why some pumps develop PD after a simple injury to the penis while others recover from the injury. PD usually affects men after puberty but the most common age group is between 45 and 60 years. PD lumps are benign non-cancerousbut erections and normal sexual activity can be more difficult. PD can therefore have a major effect on emotional, physical and overall health. In the early stage, some men may complain of penile pain when getting an erection.

    In mild cases of PD where the lump does not cause the penis to bend very much, or at all, the effect on intercourse is usually small. However, moderate or severe PD can make intercourse impossible due to the shape of the penis or problems with getting an erection. A general practitioner GP can usually diagnose PD based on medical history and physical examination.

    Lumps Penis painful

    Lumps can often be seen and felt when the penis is flaccid not erect. However, the penis needs to be erect for the doctor to see how much it is bending. Why is ultrasound or X-ray sometimes used? It will also show any calcification calcium depositsthat happens in about one in three men with PD. Calcification usually means the PD has run its full course and the lump is not likely to get better end-stage disease. Worried about a spot, lump or growth on your penis? Here are some possible causes. If you're worried, see your GP or visit a local sexual health clinic.

    Pearly penile papules These are small flesh-coloured lumps normally found on the head of the penis. These lumps are normal. They're not sexually transmitted or caused by bad hygiene. You or your doctor swab the inside of your penis for a fluid sample, which will be sent to a lab for STD analysis.

    Keep the area clean with warm water and antibacterial paincul. Apply a warm, wet washcloth to the area for about 25 minutes, three to four times a day. This well help the cyst drain. Cover the cyst with a bandage if it starts leaking fluid. Change the bandage every day. This can cause the cyst tissue to get infected. If an infection develops, you may develop a high fever and feel fatigued. See your doctor if you suspect infection. Does the cyst need to be removed? Some people choose to have them removed for aesthetic reasons.

    I should perhaps explain that at the moment I don't have access to a qualified doctor or medical advice as I'm working in the forest of South Sumatra, Indonesia and will not be able to get back to the UK until July sometime. Like many letters I get I can't be certain without seeing this for myself but I have a sneaky hunch that it is nothing to be concerned about, not least because it has been around for so long. There is a small tag of tissue which forms inside the urethra and you can feel it rather like a small knot. It is perfectly normal and most men do not notice it until later in life.

    It is unlikely to be a tumour and your diabetes is unlikely to be connected. Even so, as I cannot see it for myself I do recommend you seek medical advice ASAP not least to put your mind at rest. I hope you are planting those tress and not contributing to our global warming from CO2 emissions! I'm a male in my early twenties who has been sexually active since 16 but only with one partner who I am still with. I recently found a small growth which looks like a small tag of skin on the underside of the "tendon" of the foreskin which attaches it to the penis itself. This tag has grown slightly but is still very small. However, the thing that has really disturbed me is that while examining this growth, I realised that I have some small lump just on the inside of the opening of the urethra which looks something like a sore.

    This seems to have appeared overnight although I think it might have been possible for the sore to have been growing indside the urethra but has onloy just become large enough to become noticeable from the outside of the opening. This sore doesn't hurt or itch at all. Please could you help. I am very worried by this problem and could really do with some advice. The normal penis can look pretty abnormal at times. It is common to develop small lumps on the frenulum of the penis. They rarely cause any problems. Penile warts are a possibility although you usually get more than one and they are quite characteristic looking like tiny cauliflowers.

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    There may be nothing wrong with your urethra at all. There is a change in colouration as the inside lining meets the outside skin. Even so, lu,ps you are concerned why not nip down painfhl the local GUM clinic where you can be seen anonymously without even your GP knowing. Bulge on penis Q. For the past several years I've noticed an unusual bulge developing on the foreskin on the underside tip of my penis. Due to this problem I cannot pull my foreskin all the way back over the tip of my penis What I like most about answering these questions is the normal things which men find worrying.

    That is the purpose of the site as well as sorting out the real nasties. A small cyst can form in the frenulum the small tag which connects the foreskin to the penis shaft. It is normal, or at least requires no treatment unless it becomes a nuisance.

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