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    You can also allow us on Facebook and Ask. Stunned ammonites filmed the phone on my smartphones in Piccadilly Responsibilities and claimed they were very on people.

    While some said the man was justified in his actions and surprised he lasted so long, others said children should never be hit no matter the circumstances. Image Little bully pushes man too far 0: Great job America, great job.

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    Some people were shouting: Supplied The boy Swx loudly and draws even more vdeos from onlookers. The 12 most ridiculous excuses people have given after leaving their dogs in a hot car There inn children around at the time Picture: The witiness did not stick around for much longer but admitted it was something they did not expect to see in a public area. The mother reportedly arrived and everyone apologised and sorted the incident out until a few hours later when the mother posted a short clip to Facebook of the man pushing her boy only, with his details including name and address.

    The boy, who had been egging the man on for some minutes, is seen holding his face and screaming after the shove, claiming the incident was child abuse. Greater Manchester Police is investigating reports of an indecent exposure.

    Videos Sex in park

    Got a story for Metro. Stunned witnesses filmed the couple on their smartphones in Piccadilly Gardens and claimed they were high on drugs. This is why we have so many school shootings. From what I've read not confirmedkid was messing with cars, guy confronts him, kid acts tough, and this happens Finally the man has enough and pushes the boy away at the throat with enough force for him to fall on the ground.

    They were totally out of videis. The man filming the video was reportedly driving down the street when the two kids cut him off so he wound down the window and told them off. Video appeared to show the brazen man and woman engaging in a sex act in Manchester city centre last Wednesday, at around Advertisement Advertisement A year-old student, who was walking past at the time, said:

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