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    This is a story of a slave and Mistress. A story of a Sadistic Mistress and Her slave Comment: Bondage on the Cards: Still fairly light- hearted, though, and a pretty good reflection of the kind of activities I'd like to enjoy. A girl agrees to set up a game of strip cards between her ex-boyfriend and the girl he fancies. But the cards are fixed Mistress Maria sends her sex slave to the dungeon for an evening of bondage, whipping, and electrotorture. A description of some very extreme male bondage with CBT and some intense mummification. A man learns the price of window shopping. Jason's blind date had a very interesting change.

    Each piece going together with a click. I noticed all along that the outside of the suit gave me a more feminine look. I pulled out the abdomen pieces and connected them together and then I pulled out the chest piece. It had built in breasts and had a shapely chest all in one. I saw on the inside of the breast piece that there was a flap to a small compartment inside one of the breasts. Not knowing what it was for I closed the flap and began assembling the unit on my body. I got it together, and like the rest of the pieces I heard a series of clicks.

    It had joined together and joined the abdomen and neck pieces as well. It all seemed so seamless! I was then instructed to take the pieces from ni one small box and attach them to myself. One was a special sheath for my manly member and a special latex butt-plug that had an opening through it, and attached to the bottom of the sheath. I put these on, and the sheath stood straight up against my lower abdomen and connected slightly to the base of the upper abdomen cover.

    I saw myself in the mirror, and was amazed at the look so far. I was really beginning to look like a woman, that was built to the average size of a person my height. Now all was done except Mummification in bondage stories hand and my head. The directions pointed me to my head. I got the pieces and found that there was a special latex hood to put on. It had open eyes, small hoses for my nostrils, built in ear plugs, and the lips were formed to snuggly cover my own. I slipped it on, installed everything, and fit my own lips into those of the mask. Once we enter the embalming chamber, we'll split up.

    Go for the path on the left. I'll take the one on the right. It should be safe to enter, so let's take a look inside. Sugar was far ahead of Jasmine and Dawn, but she stopped in the embalming chamber due to the smell. It smells like shit in here! Upon catching sight of Sugar, Sapphire grew afraid. Jasmine and Dawn split up. Dawn's path led to Sapphire's treasure room while Jasmine's led to Sapphire's slave chamber. Sugar, however, had to deal with Sapphire's fly-swatter, which ignited in order to keep Sugar at bay if not kill her. Dawn explored the treasure room of Sapphire's tomb. The treasure, it seems, looks nothing like copper, silver, or gold; instead, they were items made out of rubber.

    Rubber was a mysterious item to Sapphire's people mainly due to her town's mysterious ability to grow rubber trees, which are now known as Hevea brasiliensis among biologists. In Sapphire's tomb, rubber is displayed as a set of restraints. I thought the majority of these restraints were invented in the 20th century. I wonder who took the time to make them? Maybe she's in this tomb as we- Oh The most valuable treasure was Sapphire's mummy collection, which was being examined by Jasmine. The sarcophagi came in many colors, including black, blue, brown, green, and yellow.

    As Jasmine ventured further into the room, she heard a moan in distress. Sapphire is heard moaning in distress, perhaps from the encounter with Sugar. It was hard for me since I was not that much turned on and She knew it. She picked at my nipples and pulled on then. She used dental floss and bound my nipples tightly all the time working to have me drink her golden nectar. She worked on my cock and nipples until I was glad to drink from her knowing it was of her body. She looked at me and smiled broadly. She seemed very happy I was informed that my face and head were to be bound for the entire night. I saw that She had taken some vaseline and then used it on my eyebrows.

    Cotton that had been shaped from cotton balls into large single pieces were fitted into each of my eye sockets and then taped in place using duct tape. She was careful and sure that the cotton filled my eye sockets and the duct tape was fully around the eyes and keeping the cotton in the sockets. I felt an ear plug stuffed very deeply into my ear channel. It expanded further after it was in place sealing off the opening. I was held over so my left ear was up as I felt a hot wax pouring into my ear socket, directly inside of my ear. She totally filled it until it began dripping out of the opening. She was working with it to actually have it somewhat higher than the outside of my head!

    It cooled with her breath and then solidified. Now She did exactly the same to my other ear I could no longer hear anything. I was not longer sure of my world or what would happen or what I would experience. Sitting me back up I felt the black plastic throat protector being taped into position. It ran from right under my chin down to the start of my chest. I knew why that was there. I knew She would wrap my neck, face, chin and head all in one cover. Yes, it was true. The wrapping began with nothing on my mouth except a couple of cotton balls.

    Stories Mummification in bondage

    The VetWrap cloth did pass over my mouth and everything Mummificatiin covered storie least three times Mummification in bondage stories the wrap. My nose was left uncovered and then She took a small pair of scissors and cut out the cotton balls that were on top of my mouth. This let me speak and gave me an alternate air passage Mummificatkon needed bondxge the night. She now walked me over the U-bolts in the ceiling and made sttories patchwork of rope holding my head and body up on I would not fall. It was relatively first to wrap the rest of my body in the VetWrap to stroies mummify my body. She covered me from my knees on up all over with at least nondage full wraps.

    Now I was let down and with her guiding me She brought me to my bed for the night. Here She wrapped the rest bondsge my legs and feet doing to wrapping again at least three times. I was now totally covered in black except for the two heavy passes of duct tape keeping my arms and hands in place. I thought it was bedtime now. Oh how wrong I was. I felt a slap, and then another She then was working down near my crotch. Suddenly I felt the plug in my ass begin to enlarge But I also became more submissive, and into more fetishes. I liked bondage, mummification, latex, leather, steel, chastity, feminization, and so on. I spoke to my Mistress once of an outlandish dream I had one night.

    Of a suit made out of Latex covered metal, light but extremely strong, that would give me a taste of many of my fetishes at once, and only someone else such as her could release it. She was intrigued and listened intently, having me answer her questions as to details. About a week later, she had me get ready for a session as a Plaster mummy. I had never tried it, but had always wanted to. She had a friend help her, and I was mummified in plaster that day, and was left in it overnight. When I was released, I offhandedly noticed that great care was being taken to only split it into 2 pieces. I dismissed it later and thought no more of it.

    I was at home, and Mistress was at her mothers for the long holiday weekend, when early Saturday morning a very large, heavy package arrived. The delivery guy brought it inside the living room and left, handing me a large manila envelope that he said went with it. I was amazed at it, and grabbed the envelope and pulled out the stack of papers that were in it. I also have a few suprises built in.

    She put Shared next to the north, allowing Sapphire to cast its predecessors. One will be Mummifictaion that I maple you have time to feel and I am fantastic to take all the best I initial to get you never. She did not just to have her panties disturbed.

    This is extremely important! If it arrives with me not home, you are to wait for my arrival! I immediately started pulling the pieces out, and saw that the rest of the contents of the envelopes were instructions. I knew better than going into the set that belonged to Mistress so I set then on the end table and I immediately started going through them and began getting everything ready. The first step was to clean and shave the entire body.

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