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    Give your baby fluids and nutrition through an intravenous IV line into their vein.

    This tube helps keep air out of the stomach so your baby is less likely Yokng vomit. Surgery Your baby will need surgery so poop can leave their body properly. Yong may be more complex if the rectum ends higher. Your baby may also need surgery to repair any channels that connect their rectum to other body structures, such as the urinary or genital tract. In this case, your baby will need other operations before anal repair. Surgery for imperforate anus has 3 goals: Create an anus in the normal place anoplasty.

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    Detach the rectum Young anuses other structures and repair these structures, if needed. Pull the rectum down to the new anus and connect it. We will explain what type of surgery your baby needs, how long it will take and the number of procedures your child will need. Some children have laparoscopic surgery, using very tiny cuts in the belly. Some children need open surgery, using larger cuts. We will give your child medicine to make them sleep without pain during the surgery general anesthesia. Some babies need time to grow before they can have surgery to fix a complex malformation.

    Waiting makes surgery easier and safer. While waiting, these babies need a way for poop to leave their bodies. Surgeons do a procedure called a colostomy kuh-LOSS-tuh-mee. Each opening is called a stoma. Cut through the bowel.

    Attach the upper end of the anusess to 1 opening. This lets poop pass out of the body into a pouch on the outside. Attach the lower end of the bowel to the other opening. This opening lets out normal mucus made in the bowel. If your child needs a colostomy, we will teach you to care ankses the stoma and change the pouch. Most of the time, the colostomy is temporary. Often this happens when a baby is 8 to 12 weeks old. Care right after surgery After surgery for imperforate anus, we will give your child pain medicine for their comfort. Most of the time, children who do not have other health problems stay in the hospital 5 to 7 days. Babies with more complex problems stay longer.

    Your baby will be ready to go home when they can feed well, gain enough weight and poop through their new anus or a colostomy. When your baby is ready to go home, our nurses will help set up any supplies you need. How soon your child can feed by mouth after surgery depends on the type of procedure they had. The abdomen was markedly distended with signs of tenderness and rebound tenderness. Large amounts of fresh and clotted blood gushed out on digital rectal examination. On laboratory blood test, white blood cell count was 6.

    Anuses Young

    Abdominal X-ray showed large amounts of free peritoneal gas. Computed tomography of the abdomen and pelvis demonstrated large amounts of free gas in the peritoneal cavity, retroperitoneal area, and mediastinum Fig. Subcutaneous emphysema was seen in the perineal area and around the scrotum Fig. Percutaneous anusex of the tension pneumoperitoneum was performed by inserting a cannula into the abdomen anuuses relief of pressure. Sigmoidoscopy was attempted after enema for the detection of the perforation site but it did not revealed any significant findings due to the presence of large amounts of fecal material and blood clot in the rectum.

    Emergency exploratory laparotomy was done under the lithotomy position, which provides a route for intraoperative colonoscopy when necessary. The peritoneum was assessed via a low midline incision. On opening the abdomen, large amounts of air whistled out of the abdominal cavity. Large amounts of gross fecal material and bloody ascites were found. Intraoperative endoscopic rectal examination after rectal irrigation was done to evaluate the entire length of the rectum since the presence of perineal air suggested additional rectal injuries; however, there was no other damage. Primary repair of the perforation or anastomosis after bowel resection seemed dangerous under the circumstance of severe fecal contamination.

    The damaged segment of the bowel was resected with closure of the distal rectal stump and construction of an end sigmoid colostomy Hartmann procedure. His follow-up period was completed without any complication and he was discharged 8 days after operation.

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