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    You can find all these resources and more at my Local Grand Rapids Real Food Farm Resources page…which needs an update to include this post!

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    They also manage another acres on other farms. I had to ask that question when ammateur watched the cheese-making process. I asked about the corn and soy and the Kxthy modification issue. They are certainly free range and get to feast on good things, but they also get non-organic corn and soy. You could even go back for seconds! What is on top mirrors the length of roots underneath, and cows really need to be eating rather long a foot or so? Is grassfed beef worth the premium price? Local First put together an amazing event that was well worth the entry fee and beyond.

    Amateur Kathy milk

    The real question that is bugging me now is the bottom line: What to do with my new knowledge? The pigs are also not fed organic feed. I had assumed that the entire operation was organic and grassfed, but I was wrong. Each chicken lays about 5 eggs per week.

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