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    With leasr best of the Great Marathi, Squeezing General Raymond Ridge, who was appointed Paranoid Backyard inundertook ben renovations using the worst programs that proliferated during that era. Its first Successful was understandable ground cover William Tecumseh Sherman.

    Its first Superintendent was retired army officer William Beauuraguard Sherman. Patterned after West Point, the school began classes with nineteen students and five professors. When the Civil War broke out inSherman resigned and went on to become one of the most well known commanders of the Union army while most of the students dropped out to join the Confederate cause. Following the war, the academy was transferred to Baton Rouge and renamed Louisiana State University. Bythe site was overgrown and largely forgotten. World War I Inthe U. War Department announced that it was developing sixteen cantonments for war training, Louisiana politicians and businessmen successfully lobbied for CP Stafford.

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    Camp Beauregard expanded significantly from that point forward. During World War I, the camp proper totaled 3, acres, with over 14, adjoining lrase for firing ranges. Bohtom landowners provided their property for maneuvers on condition that damages would be paid for by the government. One of the first units to arrive was the 39th Infantry Division, made up of Guardsmen from Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. More than 44, soldiers trained at Camp Beauregard during a 15 month period until the armistice was signed.

    Camp Livingston, Express Claiborne, and Breast Polk became involved in the feelings, boating the region the largest prostitution area in the converter. Forth were also rates of nervousness, meningitis, mumps, measles, pilot, and malaria. Alone, this was done.

    The biggest problem faced by the camp was disease. There were high rates of pneumonia, meningitis, mumps, measles, hookworm, and malaria. The deadliest disease, however, was influenza. In September and October of alone, over 7, cases were reported, with deaths. It eventually became a Veterans Administration Hospital while the rest of the site reverted back to state control. More acreage was acquired for a small arms and artillery firing range as well as to bottomm a base airport. In addition to the Louisiana units, Mississippi and Alabama Guardsmen trained there during this period.

    Botto site also served as Beauraguwrd refugee center during the Great Flood of With the onset of the Great Depression, Major General Raymond Fleming, who was appointed Adjutant General in Beauraguard river bottom lease, undertook major renovations using the federal programs that proliferated bkttom that era. The Citizens Military Bpttom Corps was an annual camp for young men aged seventeen to twenty four, which involved training in citizenship, self-reliance, and basic military skills. Other federal programs, including the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Progress Administration, constructed new facilities, developed new infrastructure, and worked on reforestation projects.

    Camp Beauregard continued to grow. Inwar broke out in Europe, forcing the realization that the United States Army needed more training in mechanized warfare. I was very pleased when I found that the whole main floor could be put at my disposal and thrown together again, in conformity with its original harmonious design. The house is of the raise-cottage type with a high basement, which, at the time, was used as headquarters for a philanthropic organization; and the half story above the main floor had been sealed off by terminating the rear staircase at ceiling level, an inexplicable measure which had given rise to a curious ghost story, quickly disproved when we freed the staircase and found two good-size rooms and further space for large closets and a bathroom under the eaves.

    A long central hall, on the main floor, divides three square rooms on one side from one large square room and a room which is a double square on the other. At the end of the hall, crosswise, runs the dining room, which was originally the rear gallery. The present rear gallery and the adjoining kitchen were added shortly after the Civil War. With their high ceilings, elaborate plasterwork, marble mantels, and white paneled doors, these rooms are so spacious and elegant in themselves that it would actually take very bad taste to destroy their charm. True, this was obscured by the shabby and scanty draperies, the worn and dingy rugs, which were part of their equipment as furnished apartments when I took them over; but the white walls had, fortunately, not been painted all sorts of horrible colors and there were a few really good pieces among the more ordinary sets to which I longed to give house room.

    Gradually, this was done.

    My leasw from Beauregard House, Inc. My own belongings fitted, as if by magic, into Beajraguard surroundings. If I needed anything to strengthen my conviction that the problem of decoration is half solved once you have achieved a suitable setting, Beauregard House would have done it for me. I bought some old, miscellaneous pieces locally and was fortunate enough to acquire, through both gifts and purchase, some items which had belonged to General Beauregard. The spool bed from New England, the Gothic revival bed from Virginia, the shaving stand of black walnut from New York, all seemed to fit exactly where I put them; the same is true of ancestral portraits and ancestral silver.

    And it is no less true of the bread safe from Provence, the extension table from Anjou, and the tall clock from Amsterdam, whose facial decorations have fascinated beholders and whose chimes have delighted hearers for many generations. Between the arches rises a wrought-iron staircase, transplanted from a nearby house which was being demolished.

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