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    Growing Pussy Willows

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    They require full sun to thrive, but will survive in the shade as well. As with most willows, they do best when given lots of water. Although they can be allowed to grow unpruned, the plant will benefit from regular pruning after blooming. Prune the lowest branches back to the trunk, and prune for shape. You can even cut the tree back to a 6-inch stump every two to three years; just remember that severe pruning results in longer stems and larger catkins. Flowers form on the previous season's growth, not on new growth, so do not prune until after the flowers have faded.

    For early blooming, cut branches of pussy willows may be brought in and set in a water-filled vase in a willoww window anytime after the middle of January. The catkins will develop and make a nice display for a considerable amount of time. Here are a few we love: Pussy Willow Nest Use wire and dried grasses -- available at florists and garden centers -- to transform pussy willows into a nest for decorative eggs. Add feathers for a more realistic look.

    Make sure your nest looks a tad irregular, to give it a more genuine appearance. Learn how to make an adorable pussy-willow nest in three steps by clicking here. Eucalyptus Tree Grows and average of feet a year with a mature height of about 40 feet and width of 15 feet. This tree is drought tolerant and keeps its leaves throughout winter which means no leaves to rake and some color for your winter landscape. Eucalyptus Trees repels mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. This tree enjoys full sun and will provide a better canopy if it is in the sun for most of the day.

    It is best to plant this tree away from other plants in your yard because of its shallow roots that will take water and other nutrients from its neighboring plant life. Weeping Willow One of the most popular shade trees because of its sweeping branches and long slender leaves that create cooler temperatures under the tree to enjoy and relax. Weeping Willow trees are thought of as the earliest detectors of spring as they typically begin to show yellow and green blooms as early as February. When fully grown a Weeping Willow tree will be about 30 to 40 feet tall with a width of 30 feet.

    This tree will grow about 24 inches a year which will provide a considerable amount of shade and beauty to your property almost immediately.

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    Weeping Hree trees are perfect for wet areas in a yard or near willoq and lakes. Eastern White Pine Will reach a mature height of 50 to 80 feet tall with a growing rate of over 24 inches per year. This tree is tolerant of all soil types and can grow in acidic, moist, wet and rocky soils but it need full sunlight for at least 4 hours a day to reach its full potential. Eastern White Pines have long blue-green needles and produce brown cones with smooth scales that will attract various species of wildlife to your landscape.

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