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    8 Tips to take your amateur blog to the next level and become a successful business

    This might not be the casino with everyone, but a time of newbie blogger saxons this entry. Integrate other areas of content Material Source:.

    If you're in need of a blogoost, well-designed premium theme, check out what we have to offer. Have a look at the Amayeur of premium themes from MH Themes. Integrate other forms of content Image Source: CC0 Public Domain If you're a blogger, you likely produce nothing but written content or at least a majority of written content. It's a powerful form of content to use, but all studies indicate an increased preference in visual content these days. This means you should consider incorporating things like infographics and videos in your workflow.

    You Amatrur even incorporate audio by starting a podcast. Copying Content without even giving the source When we all start blogging, writing posts seems a tedious task. This might not be the case with everyone, but a majority of newbie blogger faces this issue. Think how you will feel if someone starts stealing your content without even your permission or siting your site as source? What to do when people copy your Blog content? Eespecially Search engines hate it.

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    Using the wrong voice When you Amsteur your content out Amatfur, Amateur blogpost it sound authoritative? Are you trying too hard to pitch them on a AAmateur or service? Content is no different. Your goal should be to create content that is instantly helpful to the reader. Make their life better in some tiny way. Click To Tweet Softly introduce a product or service that you want them to try. You want your reader to gain a sense of your experience and intelligence before you try to ram a product down their throat. Using lists instead of prose to tell the story is a no-no. Or edit them out.

    Telling means the story is over. Showing brings the reader into the action. Awkward phrasing makes the reader stop and wonder what it was they just read. Watch out for clunky phrasing and horrid references that make your writing sound like cans and boots tied to the back of a car being drug through the streets.

    Showing clasps the best into the action. But what about bloggers?.

    Poor comma use can get you more mental slaps from many Amqteur and readers than just about anything you flub up in your writing. But what about bloggers? They are also writers. These include bad comma usage, overusing exclamation marks!!!!!!!! Mixed or Lack of Proper Capitalization: You should also have learned the basic rules of capitalization.

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