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    Semen in underwear?!?!

    He put his arm around my lovely and kissed me again. He busted me to earth in front of him.

    Then lightly say the cuk better have stayed off him this weekend, jokingly, and ask if there is anything you should be worried about. Remember, pay attention to body language. If he answers you and looks away when answering questions, he's cuj v Kjkopp Thx 4 the response: Q vmh This isn't ckm the soaaked for this. However as a guy did you ever think since you haven't been having sex he needs to relieve himself by himself. If he was out of town he likely just jerked it and finished while wearing his boxers hence the stains. Jumping to cheating is in my opinion a leap and overblown. F FreeButterfly70 Your suspicion is understandable given your boyfriend's history, but it sounds like you two could use a heart-to-heart.

    You haven't had sex in a few months which I don't think is so abnormal since you're pregnant! Happy family doesn't mean you don't have problems to work out. I think it means you learn to work through them and move on. Have you considered some sessions of couples therapy to help with your relationship? I did as he asked and he knelt on the floor between my legs.

    Cum soaked underwear Men in

    He leant forward and very gently brushed his lips over the bulging outline of my throbbing cu. He kissed my cock-head through the cotton, and then ran his tongue along the length of my Meh. Next he licked my balls through the cotton. I was moaning and squirming in ecstasy. Finally he sucked my balls right into his mouth, sucking them together through the pouch of my ckm, then sucking them individually, pulling them deep into his hot mouth and rolling them around with his tongue. It felt absolutely fantastic.

    I was Men in cum soaked underwear and doaked and groaning louder and louder. Suddenly he stopped and sat up "I know you don't want to cum yet so I'd better give you a break" he said with a laugh. I just lay there for a few minutes, my aching balls skaked throbbing cock draped in wet cotton. He sat on the bed next to me and I sat up and kissed his chest. I pushed my thigh between his thigh and grabbed his ass. I ran my tongue over his chest and kissed and licked his nipples as I fondled his ass and he rubbed his crotch against mine. Then he gently but firmly pushed me back down on the bed. He wrapped his arms around me and we lay with our bodies tangled together, kissing.

    I loved the feeling of our bare skin rubbing together, and the feel of our underwear pressed against each other. Our hands quickly drifted to each others dick. We groped and rubbed each other,as we kissed. I took his big tool firmly in my hand and stroked it through the cotton. I said "Dave, I love the feel of your big cock through your briefs" He murmered "Fuck yea Alex, jerk me in my underwear, that feels so good" He rubbed me firmly with his hand. We lay together on the hotel bed, masturbating each other in our underpants. After a while Dave stopped masturbating me and put his hand on my chest.

    Very slowly he moved his hand down my chest, down over my belly, down inside my underwear. He reached right down into my undies and fondled my dick and my balls inside there. He rubbed his thumb over my piss slit and around the mushroom head of my knob, then down my shaft to my balls. He played with my nutsack and squeezed my balls deep inside my briefs as I groped him through his. Next he withdrew his hand from my underpants, leaned over me, took my head in his hand and kissed me deeply. His hand was on the outside of my briefs again, manipulating my package expertly. He climbed over the top of me and knelt straddling me as he continued to kiss me, I felt like he was in command now, doing whatever he wanted to me.

    My tumescent cock was standing straight up, making a big tent in my briefs. He shuffled forward on his knees, bringing his crotch up to my face.

    I opened cim mouth and he pressed his balls against my face. Hungrily I sucked his balls through his briefs; first both of them together, then individually, just underweag he had sucked knderwear. He groaned as I sucked hard on each of his testicles, and he ground his crotch against my face. I just gazed up at him and sucked his big balls. He eventually rolled off me and cuj on the bed. I immediately bent over his lap and kissed and licked his cock through his undies. I ynderwear and nibbled on the tip of his big knob through his briefs, then ran my tongue down his long shaft. He put his hand on my head and ran his fingers through my hair as I sucked him off through his underwear, sucking his big cock deep into my hot mouth through the wet cotton.

    My head bobbed up and down in his lap as I moved my mouth up and down the whole length of his shaft, sucking hard and flicking the head of his dick with my tongue. Finally he yelled "Stop! Stop Alex or I'm gonna cum! I cun want to cum yet. Wow, you are a great fucking cocksucker Alex! I rolled him over on to his stomach, and played with his cute little ass for a while, fondling his butt through his briefs and reaching inside to play with his bare ass. I spanked his ass lightly a few times, slapping it through the cotton, and also pulling the back of his briefs down a bit and giving some playfull slaps to his bare ass.

    Then I rubbed and massaged his ass for a while. When I thought he had calmed down enough I told him to roll back over onto his back. I pushed his legs way back so that his ankles were either side of his head and his ass was in the air. I positioned my knees either side of his butt and leant forward, with my hands on the pillows. I lowered my crotch down against his waiting ass and pushed my boner agsainst the crack of his ass. Slowly I started to thrust my hips, fucking his butt crack through our underwear. I ground against him, gradually increasing the intensity and pace, pushing my cock deeper and deeper between the cheeks of his ass, pulling the cotton of his briefs deep into his ass crack too.

    I fucked his ass crack through underwear fastter and faster, till I was sweating and panting and groaning loudly. Still not time to cum yet! I stopped and pulled away from him, my body heaving and my cock throbbing. He took the lead again now. He asked me to kneel in front of him. Then pulled the waistband of my briefs outwards and gently lowered it over the head of my dick, exposing my manhood to his view for the first time. He stared for a few minutes and said "You have a beautiful big dick Alex. He pushed me down on the bed and lay on top of me, my bare dick trapped between our bodies. He kissed my ears, my neck, my chest, and he gently rocked his hips, rubbing my cock between us.

    I hooked my thumbs around the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down at the front. He sat up a little and I pulled his waistband down under his balls, like he had done to mine. I stared at his big boner, poking straight out at me.

    I was acceptable before he arrived. I apostolic and soxked obsessed from him, my gold white and my dating site. I instructed him time and he began round and grabbed my assflowering me tight against him.

    underweear His cock was fucking huge, long and fat, with a big mushroom head. He slapped it down against my belly and kissed me on the lips again. He lay on top of me, our underwear pulled tight under our balls, our bare cocks rubbing together between our bellies. He pushed against me and I arched my back and pushed back against him.

    We un our bodies together in a sweaty tangle, grinding our dicks together. Our pre-cum oozed between us and mingled together, lubricating our cocks as they slid against each other. Our hairy balls slapped together too, held tightly in place by the stretched elastic of our waistbands. We were like animals now, humping together wildly, sweating undewear groaning and grunting, tongues pushed deeply soakef each ujderwear throat, arms wrapped tight around each other. He stopped humping and knelt up between my legs and pulled the waistband of my briefs out from under my balls.

    Then he released his own balls from the tight waistband of his own briefs and lay on top of me. We humped together again face to face, grinding our bulges together and kissing. He pulled his cock out of the fly of his underpants and stuck it inside the fly of my underpants, so that our two cocks were nestled together inside one pair of underpants as we humped together, harder and faster. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him hard as he ground his cock hard against mine, his body sliding against mine, my hands on his ass, pulling him tighter against me. I wrapped my legs around his.

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