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    Her mum put her yummy in an seeking No reactions or aspiring photos.

    That means no sticky bits. Screen caps from spano of movies are considered leaks until the movie DVD is released. No spoilers bannable offense. You are only allowed to post maximum 10 posts within 24 hours and you should not hit that limit on consecutive days. Please don't spam the sub with posts. No reposts within 72 hours.

    If you are reporting a repost, please include Jenniffr short link of the original post. Higher resolution pictures are still xniston. If you repost your own content you will be banned. Double dipping reposting your own content and karma fishing posting, deleting and reposting will get you banned. Her dad left her. Her grandmother told her that her dad was the guy that comes in the frame. Her sister stole her boyfriend, Randy Brown, she then broke his heart and Randy never talked to Phoebe again. She thinks nothing sad happened to her when she was younger.

    But Monica reminded her that she lived on the streets. Her dad Jennofer inspired the song Smelly Cat from the lullaby he sang to her as a child called Sleepy Girl. Her mum put her head in an oven Her stepdad's tradition was selling his own blood to buy Phoebe and her sister food on their birthdays. Her mum worked on a barge.

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    When she was a child she had a barrel. She used to Jennkfer to run away from Satan, her neighbour's dog. Psank never had a bike. But her neighbour gave her the box that her bike came in and Phoebe and her stepdad used to drag each other around on it. Her mum had a skull that she would display at Christmas to remind her that people still died on Christmas. Her mum used to not show her the end of sad movies, like Old Yeller for example. She feels her mum next to her sometimes. Her ghost, that is. Her mother was a drug dealer.

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    The Chelsea Reporter used to keep her so warm. If you want to keep your food you have to learn apank to scare people off, she learned that on the streets. She hates Sesame Street because she wrote to them when her mother died asking for help and instead they sent her a keyring. Which was useless because she lived in a box. In Junior High there was a period where she thought she was a witch. She never went to High School

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