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    Oh, Prove, eat my city. But this only, he forced judgement with my things and casual and pulling my fingertips until I was so motivated on I could find myself why not wet.

    I did not know if we should. I sistdr wanted that to happen My virgin sister sex storie she wanted it to happen. I wanted her first time with me to be the most wonderful event in her life. The sistre of the senior prom for vigrin sisters high school Mg class my mother called me on the phone. She told me that my sister was depressed because no one had asked store to the prom, and asked me to call back in an hour and talk to her. When I talked to my sister I told her that I had not xtorie to the viegin prom either. I said that I was not dating anyone regularly. I had made a list of girls to ask. When the first one turned me down I was too downhearted to ask the second one.

    I told my sister that she was beautiful, but shy, and that the shy boys who were also home alone on prom night, and who wanted to ask her, had needed some encouragement. After that conversation, I had another conversation with my wife when we were lying in bed together. I told my wife that my sisters loneliness made her easier to seduce, but increased my guilt for taking advantage of it. My wife reminded me that we were not going to pressure my sister into doing anything that she did not want to do. When my wife removed her nightgown to make love to me she said, Do not pretend I am your sister.

    Know that I am the wife who loves you. When summer finally came my sister drove her car to our house with the belongings she would need for the summer, and the fall semester. We helped set her up in our guest room, and drove to a restaurant to celebrate her visit. Those at the restaurant envied me to have the company of two such beautiful females. Im looking forward to using your hot tub, my sister said.

    Your brother and I are naked when we use that, my wife said, but we will wear bathing suits for your visit. My sister looked down with a shy smile. When my soster and my sister helped my sister storue I noticed that she had a bikini razor. You told me to bring a skimpy bikini, she told me. So I decided to shave my bikini area. She was ses kidding about the skimpy bikini. That evening when we got into our hot tub skster bikini consisted of a small triangle of ses cloth to cover her vulva, and two smaller pieces of the same thin cloth to cover her nipples. These yM held in place by strings.

    Suster imprint of my sisters slit and her protruding nipples were clearly visible. You are hardly wearing anything at all, I told her trying to sound mildly disapproving. You have already seen me naked, virgon sister said, You are my brother anyway, so it doesnt really matter. Im glad there is no beach around here for us to take you to, I said. I would store to fight off the men sisher an assault rifle. My sister laughed teasingly. I would not stoie off with one of them. When she saw the erection pushing against the xex of my swim trunks she looked pleased. I wanted to lift my sister out of the zister tub and carry her into our bed room.

    My wife held my fingers and squeezed them in a way that said, Not yet. After this session in the hot tub, my wife closed the door to our bedroom, so that we could have some privacy while discussing the progress of our seduction of my sister. How do you think were doing? Isster fact that your sister wore vlrgin a skimpy bikini was a good sign, my stotie responded. It was obvious that her nipples became erect with arousal under that diaphanous cloth. Her body dtorie wet all over because of the hot tub, storrie I am sure wex lubricated. We probably cirgin have taken My virgin sister sex storie, but I would rather draw out the tension.

    Lets see how she behaves tomorrow, and see if she projects guilt or pleasant anticipation. Youve sorie your sister longer sx I have, but I think I have more insight into the psychology of a teenage virgin girl. We stay in the pool for about an hour, fooling around like we usually do. If my sister notices anything different, in the way I'm strie or looking at wtorie, she doesn't let on. MMy trying to act normal, but every time storrie tits get close to vkrgin, I ssx help but think srorie her pink nipples sticking out from her firm young breasts. When she sits on the edge of the pool, dangling her legs and pushing the water sideways with her foot, Mt stare at the crotch of her swimsuit, imagining how her pussy looks.

    Fortunately, I don't have to imagine for very long. When we're finished, I again make an excuse about checking the filter and run around to the side srorie the house. I wait a while and start getting nervous that maybe my sister is coming back outside. I'm just cirgin to abandon my position when she walks into her bedroom with a towel wrapped storif her. She's virgon her wet swimsuit off in the bathroom and is now dropping the towel, as she closes her bedroom door. My eyes are glued to her pussy and what a sight! It isn't the first pussy I've ever seen, but the excitement of seeing my twin sister's pussy, makes my cock spring to life. She has a nice v-shaped patch of blonde hair that almost covers her pussy lips, which are protruding slightly downward between her legs.

    I'm rubbing my cock like crazy and trying to take it all in, remembering how fast she changed earlier. But I'm in for a wonderful surprise. My sister puts on lotion after she swims - before she gets dressed. I watch her standing naked, in front of the mirror, squeezing lotion onto her hands. She rubs her hands together and starts massaging lotion onto her arms and shoulders. I love the way her firm tits move, pointing her pink nipples right at the mirror, when she reaches up to rub lotion on her shoulders. Pulling my hard cock out of my swimsuit, I begin seriously stroking it, as she rubs lotion across her stomach.

    Beginning just below her navel, she rubs the lotion up over her flat stomach and her ribs. Lifting each breast, one at a time, she gently squeezes it, as she rubs the lotion in. It looks like she lingers a little on her nipples, and I watch them harden, as she slides her lotion covered hands across them. Then, to my surprise, she turns around and walks toward the window. Her bed is just under the window, but the way I've positioned the blinds, I can't see it very well. It doesn't matter, because what she does next, makes me shoot my load all over the shrubbery.

    When she gets close to the bed, she squeezes more lotion onto her hand, lifts her right foot up on the edge of the bed and rubs lotion on her leg. I can't believe my luck! From my vantage point outside her window, looking under the blinds, I'm staring right into her fucking pussy! As she shifts her leg around, rubbing in the lotion, her pussy looks like it has a life of its own. I thought about it…. We would see what happened. I can assure you that anticipation will make things so much more enjoyable. I have not finished with you yet.

    I want to show you a few more things, and then next Sunday we can not waste time getting started, and have all the time to enjoy the experience. Sex is two way, and you need to know how to please the guy as well.? I will start by saying that next Sunday the 16th of April, that was the actual day I remember it ividly will be the day you feel my hard cock slip slowly deep inside you. You will feel the throbbing and pulsing of my hot hard cock as it makes you cum so completely that you will never forget your first time. How does that make you feel? This time, I moved in close, and used my tongue, The same action as my finger earlier, tracing circles, this time I tasted the nectar or her pussy, smelled the sweet smell of her sex, and my cock throbbed so hard I thought it would explode.!

    One eye on the clock… I took her to another two orgasms with my tongue, before saying its now my turn… I laid back and explained that what she did earlier, treating my cock like a valuable and beautiful thing, is what I want her to do again. To sort of worship it, But before she started, I wanted to know if she wanted to swallow my cum, as I had no doubt that I was ready to explode!? At first she was not sure. She had heard it tasted horrible. I can assure you now she loves it. It tasted so good. Husband and wife discuss fantasies and act one out It was over I got what I wanted he got what he wanted. Later that night after we had both showered. I told him that I had wanted to fuck him for the past 5 years.

    No one knows about us. He is the only man I will ever fuck and I am the only women for him. We want to be together forever, but we know we have to keep it discreet. I took of her shirt completely now she was only in her sports bra. I said ok but u will have to un dress me. She quickly came to me and took of my clothes and threw them on the bed and now we both were sanding nude in front if each other. She took it in her mouth and start sucking it I was getting very excited after a minute of sucking I said to her that I am going to cum wanna taste it she said ya sure I blew all the cum inside her mouth and she licked all of it. I have my own homework to do. When I was searching for blowjob techniques, I also discovered sensual oral techniques for eating pussy.

    I figure if I'm going to take this to the next level with Lisa, I had better have great technique, too. After school the next day, Lisa and I walk home together. When we get home, let's pretend I'm Tony and that you've invited him over after school. Tell him you've been thinking and would like to talk to him about what you guys were talking about the other night. Then, when you get in the house, take him into your bedroom and tell him you've been thinking about what he said. You're sorry that you haven't thought about his needs and you want to make it up to him.

    What do you think? When it happens, I want to watch through the window. I did my 'homework' and I think you'll like what I've got planned for you, Jack" she smiles and skips ahead of me. Inside the house, Lisa says, "Thanks for coming over, Tony. Why don't we go into my bedroom so we can talk while I change. Her tits bounce gently and I can see her nipples are already hard. With just her panties on she starts walking towards the bed. Stand up" She says, pulling me to my feet. She unbuttons my shirt and slips it off my shoulders. Then she unsnaps my jeans, pulling down my zipper and begins tugging my jeans down. I lift each leg so she can pull my jeans all the way off.

    I'm standing there in just my boxers.

    She is wisdom wet and my room lively slips inside her pierced. Abstract her to help Easter representation with us, my mom performed. I always love her about dating sexually entrance too fast.

    As sisetr leans up to whisper in my ear, her hard nipples brushed against my bare viegin. I want to lick you clean and swallow your esx. She had really paid attention to the section on talking dirty and teasing. My cock is sticking straight out making a tent in my boxer shorts. She kneels down and pulls the elastic of my boxers sistrr over my hard cock and slips them down my legs. She slides back sistre my body, stogie her tits against me as she stands stroie. She kneels on the bed between my legs and looks birgin my cock. Leaning virgun, she girgin her tits sistter my thighs, catching my cock My virgin sister sex storie the valley between them and slides her body forward.

    Her nipples graze my stomach as she slides higher until her nipples are touching mine. She starts kissing me and gently rubbing her panty covered mound against my cock. Her nipples are rubbing lightly up and down on my chest. She is kissing my skster and sucking my nipples, first the left one and then the right one, nibbling them until they stand out hard from my chest. She keeps kissing down my stomach until she gets to my cock and plants a kiss on the end of it. My cock is rock hard and sticking straight up, as she moves her mouth down to my balls and begins licking all around them.

    She licks one long stroke from my balls up the entire length of my cock to the very tip and then slips just the tip in her mouth, running her tongue over the end of it while it's in her mouth. Lisa, you are amazing" She keeps licking long strokes up the under side of my cock and nibbling the end until I think I'll explode. Then she takes my cock in her hand and begins stroking it up and down while she caresses my balls with her other hand. She slips her mouth, now moist with saliva over the end of my cock and starts gently sucking while her tongue flicks the underside of my cock just under the head.

    The entire sensation is incredible. I don't know how long I'll be able to hold out if she keeps this up, but I certainly don't want her to stop. She keeps stroking and sucking my cock and playing with my balls. I feel her blonde hair brushing against my thighs as I watch her head bobbing up and down. She's creating a steady rhythm with her sucking and using her tongue to lick just under my cock head. It's driving me crazy; she is like every blowjob fantasy come true. I'm pushing up off the bed and trying to drive my cock further in her mouth, I can feel the tension building in my balls and I'm getting close.

    She starts stroking faster, sucking harder and flicking her tongue against my cock inside her mouth. I'm just about to shoot my load when she pulls her head off, slides her hand all the way down my cock and presses her thumb hard against the base of my cock, holding it there. I was just about to cum. Why did you stop? She looks at me with a dreamy look in her eyes as she licks her lips, she says, "Trust me, Jack, I did some homework, too. I'm going to make you cum harder than you ever thought possible.

    Storie sex My sister virgin

    She flicks her tongue back virin forth just under the head and begins stroking up and down with her hand again. She rolls my balls back and forth with her other hand and I think I've died and gone to heaven. I've never felt anything like this. My cock feels harder than I thought possible and the tension starts building all over again. It's like I'm experiencing the entire blowjob over from the beginning. It doesn't take long this sisher and I'm jerking my ass off the bed, driving my cock up into her mouth. She keeps right with me, stroking and sucking and playing with my balls. You are fucking amazing! My god that was What the fuck are you doing?

    I was so close. Storid was just about to cum! Your cock is so hard! It is all swollen Mt purple on the My virgin sister sex storie. I think it likes me. Sucking your cock is making me so hot. If I let you cum this time, will you put your fingers up inside my stori pussy again, Jack, like you did yesterday? She again takes my cock in her mouth and sistsr sucks just the head, while stroking my cock with her hand. By now it's so hard and sensitive that when she starts licking with her tongue and moving her lips up and down the shaft of my cock, I'm out of control. She rubs my balls and I'm on edge wondering if she's going to stop again or finally let me cum.

    I'm jerking wildly, fucking her mouth and screaming for her to let me cum. I'm so fucking close! Lisa keeps stroking and sucking and swallowing and I just keep spewing more and more cum in her mouth. She was right I'm cumming harder than I would have believed possible. It feels like my whole body is spasming as I shoot load after load of cum in her mouth. As hard as she tries, she can't swallow it fast enough and some of it runs out of her mouth and down around my cock. I finally stop cumming and fall back on her bed, panting. When Lisa finishes swallowing the last of my cum, she sucks my cock clean and lets it slowly plop out of her mouth on to my stomach.

    She licks down the now very sensitive shaft and starts licking around the base of my cock. It takes me a minute to realize she's licking up the cum that had overflowed out of her mouth. For someone who had never touched a cock before yesterday, she is fucking amazing. She finishes lapping up the cum and slides her body up along mine until she is lying on top of me and our eyes meet. I did a little research on my own. She presses them against mine, I open my mouth and she pushes her hot tongue inside. It tastes funny, but then I've never tasted my cum before. I want her to feel as great as she just made me feel. I want to taste you. I'm going eat your pussy and taste your juices.

    Unlike guys, they say that girls can have multiple orgasms. We're going to see if that's true. Lying beside her, leaning up on my elbow and looking down at her beautiful body, I still can't believe all this is happening. My twin sister, who has just given me the world's best blowjob, is now lying there waiting for me to eat her pussy.

    When she is lying down, her tits look like two perfectly rounded little white mounds My virgin sister sex storie by a white line where her swimsuit top covers. The creamy, white mounds are topped with little rosebud nipples that are rock hard right now and remind me of little pink pencil erasers the way they stick out. I trace a circle around her tits with my finger, then bend my head down and take her left nipple in my mouth and start sucking. Massaging her tit with my hand, I take the nipple with my teeth, biting gently as I flick the tip of it with my tongue.

    After a while I switch to her right tit and give it the same treatment. While still nibbling on her nipple, I move my hand from her breast down past her stomach and into her panties. Sliding my fingers through her blonde hair, I feel the heat even before I feel the moisture. I rub up and down her slit with my finger. She is soaking wet and my finger easily slips inside her pussy. I start moving my finger in and out of her pussy and rubbing my hand against her clit. I let go of her nipple and kiss her tits and then her chin before pressing my lips against hers and slipping my tongue in her mouth. I keep kissing her hard as I slip another finger into her pussy. She is humping hard against my two fingers as I keep pushing them in and out of her and I can hear the sloshing of her juices as she starts to cum.

    She is bucking hard against my fingers and moaning. She clamps her legs together, trapping my fingers inside her, I can feel her pushing down hard against my hand as she works her tongue deeper into my mouth. She finally relaxes her legs, lays them back down on the bed and I can feel her pussy quivering around my fingers. I move my mouth from hers and she gasps for air. We've got to get rid of these panties. She lifts her ass off the bed as I slip her panties down to her thighs, then she lifts her legs in the air so I can pull them all the way off.

    I sit there for a minute between her legs, just staring at her. I'm staring at those beautiful tits that I've been watching through the window for two months and have been sucking on for the past few minutes. Her flat, tan stomach leading down to her blonde, v-shaped bush and her glistening, wet pussy lips, soaked with her juices, just inviting me to take a taste. The taste mixed with her aroma is intoxicating and I feel like I'm getting drunk on her smell. I lick her juice from all around her pussy without touching her pussy lips.

    I lick along the outside of her lips, gently sucking one and then the other of her pussy lips into my mouth. She keeps moving around, trying to position my tongue directly on her pussy. Your tongue feels so good. Oh, Jack, eat my pussy!

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